Almay / oil-free hypoallergenic makeup remover

Cairo, GA, United States
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I have been using Almay mascara and eyeliner for about 28 yrs. due to my sensitive eyes. I have never been able to use anything else because I had to use stuff that was hypoallergenic and Almay was the only make-up that would not affect my eyes or cause them to be irritated. Back in 2011, I was hit in my left eye and they are even more sensitive now!!! I lost sight in that eye for four days and by the Lord's mercy and grace and a lot of prayers, I regained my sight!!! I am extremely grateful and extremely protective of them even more so now!!! Since I have never had a problem with Almay, I was recently looking for something less greasy than Pond's cold cream to remove my eye make-up so I tried this Almay Oil-free Hypoallergenic Make-up remover and was so sure it would work; I bought two bottles and didn't bother to keep the receipt! Consequenly, it was sooooo concentreated that it burned my upper eyed lids and just below my lower eye lashes!!! I STOPPED uSING THE PRODUCT IMMEDIATEDLY!!! BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY I SPENT ON THIS PRODUCT???

Sep 02, 2016

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