Allstate / flood insurance

United States

We were not in good hands when three (3) feet of floodwater from the Brazos river flooded our home for 10 days straight in Simonton, TX on May 31, 2016. We had the maximum limit of $250, 000 in coverage for our house that we paid $264, 000. The City Engineer wrote a letter condemning the house, FEMA said it was a total loss, two different Public Adjusters said it was a total loss, and a structural engineer we hired said it needed to be torn down. Allstate first lowballed us with a $57, 000 offer. We balked and refused. Two months later, they sent another adjuster out to see if the first one "missed anything." Guess he did, because then they offered $143, 000. We finally demolished the house in November, and now, a year later, our attorney is still fighting them and getting ready to go to court. What does Allstate have to say? The flood didn't damage our 30 year old house, it was the expansive soil conditions that cracked the slab, cracked the bricks, and damaged the walls and roof. Nevermind the fish in the front yard!

Sep 20, 2017

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