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We the guard are requesting a full review of the way the onsite supervisor are playing favoritism with some and being rude to the others. The district manager came on site a few months ago but dint stop to speak to the guards to see the positive or negative of the problem that we have on a daily work day

If everything are working well. Why there are guard resigning voluntarily and the supervisor announcing they got terminated. Why so many guard are being terminated and walking out of post if everything are working great. Why the guard dint wants to take a supervisor position for example the lieutenant position that have being open for months but no one want

At this site, we have to many supervisors

(!) Director and shift supervisors
(2) Management and clients

We the security officer are complaining of the lack of training and professional of our supervisor on side. The onsite supervisor are friendly with some guard and discus private and confidential company matter with guards. The onsite supervisor announce to other private information. when a officer call out. by telling other officer the reason of the absent of the call out guard and by publicly announce the reason of an officer getting a written. We believe that this act is a humiliation to the guard. When this publicly written in front of other co-workers happens that written should be automatically be dismiss for not following proper procedures of private matter. There are no reason why co-workers should know the life and private matter of their fellow worker

If the office requests the human resource phone number and the address to request or complaint about a supervisor mad attitude. The only thing the officer get are retaliation and let go of the company. A female security officer have a confrontation with the Director and request to speak with the human resource and that same day she get terminated.

We will like to request a full review of this matter or a complaint will be file at the labor dept.

Feb 14, 2019
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      Feb 27, 2019

    not following proper procedures on private matter. There are no reason why The west palm beach Human resource Department should discuss The name and the complaint a employee give in private to the site management of any of the Allied Universal contract location cause according the the regulation are a private matter . The west palm beach Human resource are famous for not keeping in private the concern and confidential of there employee . always getting on the site management and cause of this action the security Guard get retaliation without doing anything to protect there good employees Can the C.E O of Allied Universal send a professional group of staff to investigated this complaint

    West Palm Beach Human resource department
    1645 West Palm Beach Lakes Blvd
    Suite 600 West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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      Mar 04, 2019

    Bad leader . that's why no guard will last at keys gate site

    We are nothing but bodies, and treated like it at this site. Our account manager is the most unprofessional manager i've ever worked for, he doesn't acknowedge any of us employees (but sure does when we commit any mistake, no matter how small), he holds "Mandatory AlliedUniversal" meetings, but theres never any HR representatives around, which then causes a clear conflict of interest, his reason for not allowing us to get a better/higher pay is because there's a few rotten apples that come in late or call out often and he said "we're lenient with you guys, just be lucky to have a job" as if someone else being irresponsible, even though I am, warrants me not having a better way of living, one where I make an actual decent salary for what we do which is secure one

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