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Allied Interstate / Harassing calls

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Received calls for several months from Allied Interstate. I Do Not Owe anyone and it appears they are 'fishing or hunting' for some one else. Even returned a call to their 800 number one time and the 'threatening message' was horrendous. Called the State Attorney General's Office, they advised I send a letter advising they must NOT contact this phone number again. Sent letter certified mail, but Allied refused to accept. Again called AG office and they referred me to the FTC. Called and filed a complaint. Everyone must call and file a complaint. [protected]. The more calls to the FTC the better outcome for the consumer.

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  • Vf
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    Even if you owe on a debt DON'T make any payment agreements with a debt collector because you have no contract with them to pay this. Making a payment agreement with them over the phone would be considered a verbal agreement. Let them know that you are going to pay the company that you have a debt with and not them. Be firm in telling them this. Also make payments to the company they will accept them. You only have a contract with the company you owe and not a third party collection agency.

    they called and when I said hello about 30 times no said anything back. I can hear people shuffling in the back ground then someone hangs up the phone. When I called the number back saying that I just received a call from this number. They asked me for my number and I gave it to them then the guy hangs up. Allied has so many numbers here are a few. Don't let these people harrass you. You have to answer the calls if you don't then I shows that you are avoiding them. When you speak with a rep after they tell you the phone call will be recording/monitored then ask that person if they're ok with you recording the conversation. Most likely they'll say no or hang up but answer their calls. Also check to see whether or not you're in a 1 party or 2 party law for recording state. Some states need you to get permission from the other party to record the conversation. Just to be on the safe side if you're not sure ask them anyway. After I asked a rep that they haven't been calling to speak with me. Just calling and playing a recording. The funny thing about that is you can hear when they click on the recording and then turn it off and hang up.

    818-575-5400 x 5500

  • Va
      17th of Jul, 2008
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    My complaint against this company is that they keep calling and calling even after we have told them that the people they are calling for Do Not even live in this house.

    The people they leave messages for on my phone are folks I had never heard of until Allied started calling!

    How can you stop that? We have called their number once, but twice to inform them of the error. The calls stopped for about 2 weeks, started again and are now a daily occurrence. We will call them again, but I doubt it will last long again. Help!

  • Va
      11th of Jul, 2008
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    I just had a collector call me I asked a simple question about me account - he couldn’t help said he didn’t know what kind of collectors u got working there...maybe they should know what there doing before making a call.. I simple say ok goodbye and he called me back...only allowed to call 1 per day...maybe a go back threw the laws meeting would be great for your company . I used to be a bill collector for 4 years and we wouldn’t get a way with anything like that. They screened all our calls...

  • Va
      10th of Jun, 2008
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    We receive calls 2-3 times daily from Allied Interstate. When we answer, it is a recording regarding a debt that is owed. We do not owe on any loans or anything. We can't get them to stop calling. This is a scam to extort money. This is a disgusting and unprofessional way to conduct business. They take advantage of elderly people that do not understand.

    Why does this company not have a real person on the phone so that these matters can be cleared up? They have been calling for over a year!!

    Is there not some sort of government regulation that controls crooked companies like Allied Interstate?

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