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Allied Interstate / Harassment

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You are not allowed to call more than one time per day. Your number has been on my caller ID over 10 times today alone. I will report this to the FCC if it continues. Not leaving messages is completely unprofessional and unnecessary. When I try to call back, I get someone who doesn't seem to speak a word of English. I don't know who you are or who you represent (see the "no message" line above), but I have no business with you, and will not deal with you until you can conduct business in a proper and LEGAL manner.

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  • Va
      16th of Jul, 2008

    Allied Interstate calls at all hours of the day and evening. They leave messages asking that we return their calls. When I call, the recording says that "no one is here to talk to you" or "that mailbox has not been set up yet".

    The people who call from Allied Interstate ask about a person who does not live here, and does not have our phone #. We have repeatedly told them that we are not the person they are looking for--and to stop calling us.

    The 2 times that I was able to leave a message, I explained all of this and asked that they not call us again. That lasted about 2 weeks and the calls started again, today!!!

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  • Va
      3rd of Oct, 2008

    This collection agency called my sisters house looking for me, without authorization to contact her. I don't appreciate it. You really shouldn't call others houses looking for individuals that don't live there. The person who called could hardly speak english and wouldn't give any information. My sister didn't know who it was or what the problem was. So therefore she would not give them any information. I feel it is unnecessary to call relatives to get information on an individual. And if your going to do so, have someone who speaks english. It is discouraging to people when they can not understand them.

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  • Va
      9th of Oct, 2008

    If your calling someones house at least you can say what the nature or the call is. Maybe that might not be their (customer) telephone. You know people do use other peoples' phone, and if your not following the laws then how do you expect for people to pay their bills, see this is why the consumer doesn't care about paying bills anymore.

    Some people don't want to be bothered by the same stupid a-- person that we just spoke with an hour ago. Stop harassing and just ease up on the calls. You call all day don't you get tired?

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  • Va
      21st of Oct, 2008

    Yesterday, while minding my own business, in my own home, my phone rings and its Allied Interstate calling. 'Please hold, we are not solicitors' I should have hung up right then and there. But curiosity got the best of me. When someone finally came on the line, I was informed I had an outstanding debt from 1988! In my maiden name... I've been married for 14 years and the debt is over 20 years old!!! And I thought they were calling about a high school reunion or something like that... boy was I wrong!

    Duh... that's 20 years old and I filed bankruptcy shortly after that. The college dropout went on to say that it doesn't matter... yada, yada, yada... 'I'm not harassing you' 'you're mad at the wrong person' I kept saying that this was 20years old, I filed bankruptcy, if this debt was mine, it would have been included in this judgment. They finally told me what the debt was and the amount... less than $700.00 --I said, 'you're harassing me for a loan that is 20 years old and less than $700.00???' I guess he got tired of me because he told me that he 'didn't have to put up with me' and transfered me to supervisor. Again, I should have hung up, but my pride got the better of me. I explained to her that 20+ years ago someone has stolen my SS# and this debt was 20 years old, I filed bankruptcy etc. Then SHE called me combative... yes after calling me and harassing me with a 20 year old debt that I'm not even sure is mine because someone stole my identity way back then, you can imagine I was a little upset. I was stupid... she confirmed my address so I expect that I'll be getting something in the mail from them... of course it will be in my maiden name and as far as I'm concerned my future answer will be, 'there is no one at this address/number by that name' I've already called my attorney and they are sending a letter stating that this is well past the statute of limitations (TN's statutes are 6 years-- I'd say over 3 times the statutes is well long enough!) Furthermore, I'd imagine that the phone company can be contacted if they continue calling and harassing me. I will also be looking at contacting my attorney general and the BBB. Doubt it will help, but this company is unethical and a bigtime SCAM ARTIST--they must be stopped!!!

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  • Va
      21st of Oct, 2008

    This evening I received a phone call from Allied Interstate about an alleged debt that I know nothing about, nor have I received a letter from this company until this phone call. When I asked for information on this alleged debt the gentleman gave me the run around, as did his supervisor who thought I was threatening him by asking for information of alleged debt to be mailed to me for verification which is my right.

    Tomorrow I will send a debt verification letter to them and see what i get, if anything. Has anyone else dealt with them before?

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  • Co
      28th of Nov, 2008

    Just a is legal to call a reasonable amt of times..usually no more than long as no voicemails are left..

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  • 3o
      6th of Sep, 2009

    I received 4 different phone calls LAST NIGHT from this group!!! They had my name correct, but that was it!!! They kept saying that I am in collections for a Mystery Guilt Book Club. I am no such memeber of this book club; I have never even heard of this. Then when they tried to compare information with me. They had the WRONG ADDRESS and the WRONG SSN. (I did not give them my correct information...what do you think I am stupid)

    Do they not check into the information to make sure that they have the right person before they start calling and harassing innocent people!!!

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  • Ja
      28th of Sep, 2009

    I don't owe anyone money and somehow Allied Interstate has my number. They keep calling me and when I pick up the phone there is no one there.

    How do I get off their list they call me two to three times a day. This is harassment. Can something be done to put them out of business?

    At least make them put someone on the phone when they make these harassing phone calls, so you have a chance to find out why they think you owe money. They are not accomplishing anything by their current tactics because you have no idea why they are calling you.

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  • Re
      29th of Sep, 2009

    I took a Sallie Mae student loan out back in 2002. I graudated in 2005. Since graduation, employment in this field has been terrible. I have gone into default. I don't currently have a job or any income. No unemployment, nothing. I am continuously looking for work but nothing yet.

    This guy is telling me I need to figure out how to pay my bills. It's not for him to tell me how to pay my debts. I have no money, property or anything else that I can use to pay my rent, or food much less this student loan. I don't appreciate being berated by this type of person or company. Don't ever call me again. There should be laws against this type of harassment.

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  • Sa
      15th of Apr, 2010

    They called here but would not give any info to me.

    Then they called my husband's ex-wife from 16 YEARS ago in another city. They told her he has alot of debt and isn't paying it and even said it was Capital One that he owed! THAT IS AGAINST THE LAW

    We called capital one and the account is CURRENT - we said we were reporting them and they reported the caller to a "supervisor" We are still reporting them it is such BS

    Try this website to get a cease and desist letter from the on the left

    They have sample letters and send it to these people:

    Allied Interstate

    435 Ford Rd. suite# 800. Minneapolis Minnesota, 55426

    There is also a # for an office in OH (800)806-3342

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