Allied Insterstateharassing phone calls | wrong number

A few months ago we started receiving calls constantly on our business fax line that we've had for two and a half years. We have flawless credit, and always have.

WHY isn't more being done with harassment from debt collectors when it's mistaken identity?

Every single help form out there has no options for these cases.

We went through this several years ago on a home we owned previously. The phone co told us the number they set up hadn't been used in five years and was 'recycled' -- we thought being honest would correct the problem but it only made it worse, they don't believe you! It even happened a few years ago with my son's cell phone number too.

If this is what it's like when you are the innocent owner of a wrong number, I cannot imagine what people who are in difficult credit situations go thru. Even in those cases they have rights and it seems these companies violate them all day long every day.

Anyone out there been successful in putting a stop to them when they've got the wrong number, wrong party?

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