Alliant Energy Corporationelectric service for tenants

My husband and I own an apartment building with 2 tenants. The tenants are supposed to put the electric into their name when they move in. I have assumed they have done that because I never got any communication from Alliant suggesting otherwise.

just recently, one of the tenants happened to give me the mail that was addressed to me but going to their address. It showed a past due balance.

When I called customer service, they informed me that neither apartment had put the bill in their name and it is now almost 12 months overdue.

When I asked if there was a way that we could be notified when bills were past due, she said no that notification would be disconnect notices. however, apparently someone can go 12 months without paying their bill and still not get disconnected.

When I asked for help working out a payment plan for what was obviously a miscommunication on all parts, she said no. My choices were to have it sent to me to give to the tenants or have them put it in their name. now, obviously, the bill is overdue so it is unlikely that Alliant will even allow the tenants to put it in their name.

We also work with Stoughton utilities who does send us a notification only if bills are late so that we can get on top of it. It seems like their should be something like that with Alliant but according to who I talked to, no.

I have been a customer for 13 years and never had a problem. Just think the unwillingness to even try to help was unacceptable. If I had her name, I would say she should be fired.

Dec 05, 2018

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