Alliant Energy Corporationcustomer service call

Our household has had some financial difficulty. My husband was self employed and was hurt pretty back at the beginning of the year. We fell behind on bills
We have had two payment plans - the most recent was due on 7/17. I misread the letter and paid the amount on 7/27.. I called into customer service to see what my options were as i got a shut off notice for 8/6.
The first person i spoke to was very friendly and said a supervisor would call me back but prob. not until monday. I was at my fathers chemo apt. and i missed the call (it was aprox. 1 hr later a supervisor called back). Im not upset about that. However when i called back, the women who took the call decided she needed to be rude and disrespectful because i missed the call. . I asked several times if i could please just schedule another phone call with a supervisor. She continued to talk over me and pretty much told me that it was to bad, nothing they could do for me and my disconnect on 8/6 stood.
My complaint is the 2nd customer service representative. Obv. she was not aware that i was at a chemotherapy apt. However as a person who works in customer service, trying to shame people or make them feel bad when difficulties arise is a poor reflection on a company. It should not matter the reasoning behind things and i should not have to explain why i missed the call. respect to another person when that person is showing respect is what the professional thing would have been. WE all have bad days and we are all human. But people do have real problems and dealing with people like that only make things worse.

Im sure the supervisor will call me back and i can also share the complaint with them

Jul 27, 2018

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