Alliant Energybilling

For the majority of two years, they can't seem to figure out how to read my meter. To be fair, the early months were due to us having a dog that spent most days outside, leaving the meter inaccessible. That being said, we had a plan in place to leave the dog inside during meter reading week. I guess they didn't get the memo, because we continued to get estimated bills. The next plan was that we would take a picture of the meter, and submit that for a reading. That worked for maybe a couple months before we got a letter saying that they still had to read the meter. After multiple phone calls, I thought we were on the same page when I told them that the dog was no longer an issue, and that I wanted them to read the meter every month. Again, estimated bill. Another call reveals that they never took out the note about a dog, so then that was resolved and all was right with the world, right? Another estimated bill. I believe I'm not on the 4th or 5th straight month of calling in trying to get this resolved. I will say that the customer service has been kind throughout this whole process, and I believe that they have genuinely tried to help. I don't know if everyone else is lazy or just incompetent. If I had any other options available I would have dropped Alliant along time ago, because quite frankly, they're worthless.

Jan 17, 2017

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