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AllianceOne / Rude Harassing Phone Calls

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Phone: 800-279-3480

Alliance One is a very rude and harassing company and appears to be part of Capital One, since payments are made to Capital One Solutions. Just so you know, I have cancer, and have not been able to work regular for over a year now. I have a family member that has helped, but their funds are limited also. This family member will only help, if I can settle with the credit card. I have been trying to settle this account since Jan 2010. Capital One has sent my account to their Alliance One Office for collection. I had great credit before cancer, I always was able to take care of my bills. But life has changed, and I am offering them a fair settlement, but they want more and have told me they will take everything I have, if I don't start paying. The sad thing is there is not much for them to get.

But for others with the same problem, answer your phone, they can only call you once a day. By law if you tell them to stop calling your neighbors, job, spouse, or anyone else they have to stop. The only way to stop the home phone calls is to write a letter and I would sent it certify mail, so you can prove it was received. And also, start making notes of all communication with Alliance One, you may need it later. Good Luck!

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  • Kc
      30th of Dec, 2010
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    I too have tried to square up with Capital One where I was willing to make reasonable payments to pay off what I owed and they offered me two scenarios - either pay the entire amount or pay half this week and half next week. If I could do either of those, I would have done that a long time ago. Alliance One recently contacted me after calling and harassing family members and even calling me at work. They worked with me for a few minutes and sounded understanding and even offered "better opportunities" to pay off my balance. I told them I attempted to work with Capital One in the past and they would not work with me. They said they understood and would offer me a better solution. After being nice to me the gentleman on the phone began to get more stern with me. I actually felt threatened by him. And his "better opportunities" ended up being the same thing that Capital One had offered me. They wanted me to cash in my retirement fund or borrow the money from wherever I could and I needed to send them a "good faith" payment right that instant. I told them I could not do anything until I spoke with my wife and they didn't seem very happy with that. They said they would call me back in the evening, trying to corner me into a time. They did call in the evening but my cell phone was off at the time.

    This afternoon, his boss calls me at work and in an angry voice, asks me why I didn't answer my phone. Then he got even angrier when I told him I couldn't answer at the time. He asked how I was going to pay right now - either all of it or half now and half next week. I told him I could not pay either way. He got angrier yet. He demanded that I borrow the money now or find some other way to get the money to him as soon as possible. I told him I would like to call Capital One first before I make any arrangements with them. He got angrier and said that Capital One will just transfer me back to them. I said I would take my chance and try it. He said "go ahead and I'll talk to you again in 15 minutes." I told him I could not call right now as I was at work. Even angrier yet he told me to call Capital One right now. I told him that I could not because I was at work. He did not understand this so I explained to him that if I was making personal phone calls at work I could get fired and then I definatly could not pay them any money. He asked me a final time if I intended on paying in full (no option this time) and I said, no, I cannot at this time. He said "Good Luck" and hung up on me.

    Not very professional. I definatly feel threatened and harassed. I understand if I owe money but that treatment was uncalled for. I lost my job for a few months and that put me behind financially and my wife and I have been struggling since to get back on our feet. There are people living high on the horse driving expensive vehicles but not working at all and living off of the government but I'm trying to live life fair and square and I have to suffer.

    Thank you for your insight and I hope things get better for you both in health and in wealth.

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