Allegheny Power / billing & service

Wilcox, PA, United States

We have Allegheny Power both for our business and our home and we have nothing but problems with their service in both places especially our business. We are constantly getting charged for deposits and service that we have already paid for and today was the last straw, we showed up to our business and all was dark, Allegheny Power shut our power off without so much as a warning and we are more then mad about it, if this would've been the first time we might have thought it was a mistake but this is the 6th time this has happened, this is how we make a living and without power we fall way behind and to be honest it's embarrassing when customers show up and we have to explain why we have no power.
We received a note on our door 2 weeks ago that stated we were past due $213.00 and it needed to be paid by 11/4 so we paid the amount immediately, upon paying this bill I called All. Power and they told me that our account was current and nothing else was owed but now 2 weeks later our power is shut off and we now owe them another $211.00, where did this balance come from???? It didn't exist 2 weeks ago when they gave us a print out of our account or when we called to confirm our payment, plus when I called them with the $211.00 payment the automated system said we were past due $433.00... HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??? I just talked to these people 2 weeks ago and our account was at a zero balance, they pulled this same crap with our house also and I do not understand how they just keep getting away with this, little do they realize the stress and tension they create in ones home & personal life doing this stuff, I'm just sick of it I really wish there was another power alternative in my area so I didn't have to deal with this company

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