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Avoid this place at any cost. I had my hyosung bike arranged for pickup from my house for a tune up and winter storage. Little did I know. They don't use real licenced mechanics to do the work as the repairs were not done. Actually they did more damage to the bike than when it went in .
1 pickup took 3 weeks to happen
2 repairs ( tune up took 3 weeks longer )
3 storage. They wrecked my saddle bags
4 bike was in storage for 10 months
4a. Rented a truck to retrieve bike but even after making this arrangement with them on the date of pickup m no phone calls were made to tell me that my bike was in the rafters at warehouse and they had no fork lift to get it down. Meanwhile, I show up to get my bike with a rental vehicle and no bike was available. Oh sorry Melissa says !! Not able to do anything to compensate my expense. No reduction on expensive storage fees . No nothing from melissa. Oh thanks Melissa your so kind
5 bike was delivered at a cost in the middle of winter to my shop with a ripped saddlebag and without keys to check the start ability . Now I was looking at storage at my shop since I could ride it in the snow . Go figure
6 keys took 3 weeks for delivery to my shop .
7. Ripped bag was brought to their attention and they were claiming no responsibility. I fought over this and they picked up the bag for repair 2 weeks later .
8 delivered fixed bag 4 weeks later
9 went to start bike and it was completely dead as they screwed it up while they had it
10.melissa argued it was not their issue . I argued back . Melissa threatened to ban me from premises. I argued. She made arrangements for bike pick up . picked up 4 days later .
12 bike ready for pickup 3 days later
13 . Showed up to get bike only to find that they did nothing to fix the problem but actually connected things up worse than original condition .
14 bike would not run right nor would go into gear
15 Melissa threatened to call police as I was working on getting the bike mobile from the lot
16 Melissa threatened to block us in as a delivery truck was coming . She was obviously lying .
17 . I got the bike mobile but it runs like a piece of crap thanks to all season workmanship.
Never never never should anyone do business with this garbage business. And Melissa who cones across oh so pleasant but really that's not the case . They should not be in business after the way they treat their customers

Apr 02, 2017

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