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All Season MotorsportsShady

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All Season Motorsports ARE COMPLETE SCAMMERS!!!

I rented a Hyosung 450 sport quad for my buddy from these guys and got accused of doing 1500 in damage when in fact nothing of the sort was done to it and the damage was done before I picked it up. We noticed after unloading it that it took a serious hit before us. The weld points on the skid plate where actually split open. I have been quading for years and have extensive experience in repairing them and riding them. I know when I do damage and I know how much a reasonable cost to repair is. They had me cornered with my credit card number and shady contract.
Be very careful when ever renting from them!!Or better yet...Never rent from them!! they do careless inspections on their rentals and then try to pin it on customers later on when they find time to do a complete inspection. On top of all this they do not offer insurance for damages...they only offer liability.
Very bad customer service as well! They would not work out a deal with me when having to fix there own vehicle rented from them...charged me a 120% cost of Labour and jacked the parts up to the highest possible retail price you could ever pay.

I would NEVER RECCOMMEND this business to anyone!! Very, very Shady.


  • Na
    NazGotBullied Apr 29, 2019

    On the phone and at first glance very friendly and helpful. They’ll make all the promises needed to get you to sign their paper work and then it’s a different story. Don’t fall for their lowest prices in town you get what you pay for, in my case that was nothing but a nightmare. I am pretty mechanically inclined and has sent pictures with details on what I needed done. I was estimated 15 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours labour. Job wasn’t done and they wanted full payment for giving me an incorrect estimate and made it sound like they are doing me favours because of their graciousness. When I further questioned them about this one of their managers was less than a foot away from my face threatening me and the receptionist was being extremely rude and told me to get the f&$k out of my store.
    Be prepared for this. This is shop that’s not trust worthy, they will say anything to get your bike in now you are at the mercy of unethical bullies. Additionally all the products they have on their shelves are way overpriced and available at fortnine for half the price and fortnine delivers to your front door.

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  • Ra
    Ralph123456789 Dec 14, 2018

    If your looking for a company that supports it customers right from the get go. A sales dept. ensuring that your purchase from them is working for you as it was intended or a service dept. doing what they need, to ensure that your serviced product is working as it should.
    This isn't an organization to trust.

    My places of concern, one, a purchase on a used motorbike.
    A second on a repair, on the same bike that failed.
    $6000.00 plus of dollars for a bike not ride able in my garage.
    Both situations had problems and both times, management, passed on valid concerns. I was left with no support or options.
    It was my problem.
    Fair enough, my bike, I bought it.

    At All Season, "Customer Service" stops when your dollars change hands.

    ASM, the easiest customers to get, are the ones you already have.

    Folks, if what your interested in, is Calgarys newest Van Shoe Store and preppie scooter rider shoppe you are at the right place.
    Until you have a problem.

    If what you really want, and are interested in, is a full service, motorized outdoor sporting goods retailer...that has your back.

    STOP, this isn't the place

    Take your dollars somewhere else.

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  • Su
    suzukilover May 26, 2016

    I made a really big mistake taking my motorcycle in for service at All Seasons motorsports in calgary.
    Melissa talked me into doing valve service, and first of all mis-quoted me. For basic service and valve service it was 800 plus GST the quote was 550
    I was angry, i decided I would never come back, but reluctantly paid because I wanted to get this over with.
    as i drove my motorcycle home, smoke from oil leaking was billowing from my motorcycle.
    Everyone makes mistakes, and i get that. So i take the bike back to get fixed. All i want is to go riding on the weekend. I was way past getting mad.
    I get a call from melissa (manager) with all sport, with a warning that the call is being recorded for quality control and legal purposes.
    Melissa told me that the leak was coming from the head gasket and had nothing to do with the service.
    This was very unlikely in my mind.
    She gave me the option of "me paying for the bike to be sent to blackfoot" at my cost of shipping $75 to get a second opinion.
    She lied to me because when I read the work order, and the technician said that it could be the head gasket or the valve gasket (which would be caused by All seasons service). She never told me that the technician said that it could have been caused by All seasons.
    All seasons refused to prove that the leak was not caused by their service and wanted to send it off to a 3rd party for assessment (at my cost)
    I wanted this business relationship over. I immediately went to all sport to get my motorcycle back so that I can take it to another place.
    Melissa was panicked and made it very difficult to get my motorcycle back, even though I paid in full. (I waited for 2 hours to get my motorcycle back even though I paid in full). She made me sign a waiver that I could not legal come to them for damages. (i did not care.. so I signed it)

    Subsequently, I took the motorcycle to a friend at Blackfoot motorsports, who has diagnosed the problem. The problem was caused by All seasons not replacing the valve gasket after checking the valves (this is usually standard procedure). The old one did not seal and caused a leak.
    This only took about 15 minutes to diagnose.

    All said and done, I paid aprox 850 dollars for all seasons to screw up my motorcycle, and it is going to cost me about 200 to get it fixed by Blackfoot.
    Melissa from all sport NEVER apologize to me. Even though I will try to get my money back, I am not expecting to succeed unless I get legal representation.

    I can't prove that they are scammers, but i would never recommend them to anyone!!!

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  • No
    not_happy123 Aug 29, 2012

    I would also NEVER recommend this business to anyone. I bought a scooter (2009 Tomos Nitro 50cc) at All Season in June of 2010. The sales person I was dealing with, Brian, told me that he could install a "boost" into the scooter for free. With this boost, he promised me that the scooter would drive up to 70km/hr, instead of the top speed of 50km/hr. This is the ONLY reason I purchased this scooter, and All Season knew this. After the purchase was made (cost me altogether $2300) and this boost was supposedly installed, I took home the scooter. I drove it for a few days, and I quickly realized that the top speed was not 70km/hr as promised, but only the original speed of 50km/hr. The boost did nothing. I called All Season and informed them of this, and they told me to bring it in. They had it for a few days, and called me and told me that the boost did not work on this particular scooter, but there was another boost that they could try, but I had to wait for them to order the parts in, which I agreed.

    I waited for TWO YEARS for these parts. Not even kidding. And in those 2 years, All Season did not bother contacting me to let me know the status on those parts. I called them about once a month (not including the winter months), and every time I spoke with someone, they told me "thank you for my patience" and "the parts are on their way" and that they would contact me. I was very understanding and extremely patient. This went on for two years.

    Finally, a girl by the name of Melissa contacted me with exciting news. The parts have finally arrived! Then she dropped a bomb on me saying that they can install them into my scooter for $1100... This was extremely shocking news to me, considering I had waited two years for these parts to arrive, and the entire time I was waiting I was under the impression that I was going to get these parts for free. With all this said, I decided to go into the shop in person. Melissa informed me that Brian "is no longer with them" and he should not have made these promises to me. Fine, I understand that, but at this point, I am not dealing with an individual, I am dealing with All Season Motorsports. We looked up the paperwork done, and of course Brian had not written down anything stating the promises he had made. At this point, I was getting irritated. Not only had I lost 2 years with my scooter, but All Season Motorsports was willing to do absolutely NOTHING to reimburse me for my loss. I had told them that I wanted one of two things: For them to install the new boost that I had waited so long for, or to simply get a full refund for my scooter. None of these could be done for me. The reason they could not give me my money back, was because the scooter had depreciated in value. YA NO KIDDING!!! It has depreciated in value because you have had it for TWO YEARS. Not once did All Season tell me how long I would be waiting. Not once did they tell me I would be paying so much for these parts when they finally did come in.

    All Season Motorsports has showed absolutely no remorse for their wrong doings... they did not even apologize. They sent me an email the day after I had gone in and talked to them, stating that if this was not resolved by Monday (this was Thursday) that they were going to leave my scooter outside of their gates for me to pick up. And if I didn't pick it up, they would consider it "abandoned" and reclaim it as their own property!!!

    I picked up my scooter today. As I was loading it up, I saw Melissa pill up in her truck, see me, and promptly pull back out and drive away. Real professional. She came back about 10 minutes later, and said that if we take the scooter it will be considered "stolen" and the will call the police... Um WHAT?!?! This scooter is MY PROPERTY and I am taking it home!!! I should have told her to call the police. They would have had a good laugh after I filled them in with my experience. "Here at All Season, we pride ourselves on providing a unique experience." (taken right from their website) You've got that right. I sure have had a "unique" experience with All Season. And by reading the dozens of horrible reviews about All Season from other disgusted customers, they too had a "unique" experience.

    Do NOT ever go to All Season. You will walk away ripped off and fuming. YOU WILL BE HEARING FROM MY LAWYER ALL SEASON MOTORSPORTS!!!

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  • Du
    Dusty58 Feb 06, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently rented a snowmobile from All Season, everything seemed good until I started to ride the sled, there was a problem with the cooling capability and the engine light would constantly go on. After losing a day of riding and speaking on the phone with a tech from Calgary for an hour or so, the problem was diagnosed as a lack of anti-freeze. No worries at least I wasn’t stuck in the middle of the bush with a broken down sled, the problem was solved and the next day I was riding again trouble free. When I returned the sled, I asked for a refund for the day that I lost due to the break-down (which was totally out of my control, and the maintenance issue with the rental company) I wasn’t asking for a total refund on the rental, I wasn’t asking for a refund for the 20 bucks I had to spend on new antifreeze, the gas to get to the trailhead, the cell phone charges or for the hour of long distance to the tech, I thought this was fair. Everyone at the store thought this would be alright, the problems started after waiting 4 weeks for the refund. After sending an email asking for the status of the refund I was given a rude reply stating that I was no longer entitled to the refund and that someone else in the organization was reviewing my claim.

    Personally I think that the rental service is good, the machine seemed to be in good condition and I was happy with the service when picking up the sled. However, when a problem was encountered All Season fell through and turned into a beast to deal with. I would look elsewhere when looking to rent an off-road machine.

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  • Mo
    morta50 Nov 08, 2011

    I would NEVER RECCOMMEND this business to anyone!! Very bad customer service and they will rip you off no matter what. We rent out 14 Honda quads from this place for Sunday September 25th, 2011. All units weren't in a great condition as they rent them out a lot and damages will occur time after time. Some units were badly scratched, bent racks because of the way they tie them down when loaded on the trailer and bent bumpers, some ripped seats. We were ok taking them and we were told that they're aware of the damages and got everything recorded on video. After we finished we took them and cleaned them all and returned them clean. They contacted us back claiming for damages. we were ok paying for the damages occurred with us but weren't happy for damages were accused of.
    I had an issue with them for accusing me and charging me $600 for damages on one of the quads (Honda TRX420) with the licence plate BZH58. I went down to their location to check out the damages on it, they showed me that one bar on the front bumper was bent backward a bit and the said the front rack is bent down a bit. I said no problem, I just would like to check and see the video of the quad before leaving the store on the date we picked them up because i would not want to pay for something we didn't damage and the price of $600 damages didn't seem reasonable. A girl works there with the name of Melissa found the video with the date of pick up, we watched the video together and she wasn't able to prove the before and after damages from the video. It's not fair you wanna charge me for some damages that you can't prove it with your own video. I also asked her why it took them so long to do the return inspection, we returned the quads on Monday sep 25th, they did the inspection of that unit on Oct 4th which is a week later. That shouldn't happened because they could have rented it out during that full week and made these damages and I got blamed for it, and her answer was I dunno. I asked her to work out a deal that will satisfy the both of us because the parts themselves weren’t brand new to begin with but she didn’t agree, she charged me for a brand new front bumper + labour, a brand new front rack + labour. The damages she showed me can be repaired easily, very minor bent and don’t need to be replaced, but she was like it’s not safe, we must replace them and she’s going to go ahead and charge my credit card since she had it already on file. I told her that since you’re charging me already and making me pay for brand new parts plus labour I will be entitle to get the old parts back and she agreed and told me she will contact me back when they replace them and arrange a time to pick them up. I waited and waited for these parts and she never called me back so I finally decided to call her back on Nov 1st and asked her for them which she totally forgot about them and she tried to avoid me coming and getting them which made me understand that they never replaced the parts and they kept them on the quad but charged me for everything. So I insisted to get them, she called me back on Nov 7th and said they’re ready to pick them up. I showed up there today on Nov08 and she gave me totally different old rusty parts, I knew right away that they weren’t the one and I told her that. I had previously taken about 10 close-up pictures of the parts while they were still installed on the quad on the same day she showed me the damages. Her manager came to the front of the store and said what is the issue here, she replied and told him that “he’s here to pick up damage parts but he’s saying they’re not the ones”
    He was so rude, very disrespectful, handed me the wrong parts and started pushing me a bit by putting his hand on my shoulder and kicked me out, and he was like you’re not welcome here, get out get out now. I replied “those aren’t the parts, i have pictures and i showed him”. He didn’t care and was very stubborn and didn’t want to talk. I said “i will go out but before I do just remember that we took out 14 quads and you lost our business, we will never come back here, I will sue you guys and I’ll be write a review about you.

    Don’t rent out from this place, read feedbacks about this store on the internet and you’ll see other people complaints and be very careful. On their website they say "(Here at All Season, we pride ourselves on providing a unique experience. We are not a big box shop. We are small and treat our riders and renters like family".

    wow what an experience, if that's how you treat like family, i wonder how you treat others.

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