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Effective 1/1/09 Alcatel-Lucent changed their retiree medical insurance options from United HealthCare, which all of our doctors and hospital accepted; did away with that choice and offered SecureHorizons. We are in June now, and although we have tried to educate our current doctors and specialists, they will not accept us as patients under this plan. The customer service dept. of this plan doesn't seem to care in that they are telling us to drive to Jacksonville, FL, over 1 hour one-way to receive treatment. We have convinced the local Baptist Hospital to accept this card but it was us who had to spend our time to make appts. and go see them in order to convince them to even try this for the first time. We had no choice other than a PPO which is worse than this coverage.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Fernandina Beach, FLI realize that all companies are trying to find ways to cut costs but it should not be the burden of the loyal retirees who have only their retirement checks to live on. We are 65 and 68 respectively and should not be expected to drive this far for medical coverage. We have excellent, competent doctors, specialists etc. in this area and there is no reason whatsoever that we should be forced to go to a city over an hour away for any kind of drs. appointment. SecureHorizons did absolutely nothing in the way of preparing the medical profession of how this program works or assure them it was equivalent to Medicare coverage. They still do not understand it. And to be quite honest, I've just spent a couple of hours trying to even get to the specific site to look at my coverage. And still haven't gotten there.
A Very Angry Subscriber,
Betty Philemon

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  • Be
      Jun 03, 2009

    Please ignore INCORRECT ADDRESS under SecureHorizons.

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  • Ok
      Sep 25, 2009

    I was also forced to change to this SecureHorizons option from Lucent. I've been healthy until this Sep. 2009 and went to my Dr. for treatment expecting him to accept the plan. I had submitted his name to the carrier in Feb. 2009 as a needed provider. Account team had promised to get our Dr.'s on board.

    Surprise, my Dr. doesn't accept Secure Horizons as most of the specialist he refers to don't accept the coverage and he does not want to make "blind" referrals. Also he says SecureHorizons was dictating a Hospital for inpatient care that he doesn't normally use.
    He say SecureHorizons representatives have lied to his patients saying he does accept the plan. I paid for the office visit out of my pocket. Now I need blood work and an X-ray for further evaluation of my illness and NO Doctor.

    Thanks Lucent and thanks SecureHorizons - somehow I need to get back to Medicare.

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  • Ma
      Aug 23, 2010

    My take on the Secure Horizons Private Fee for Service policy is that it bennefits Lucent and no one else. I am now paying a higher deductable then I would pay with medicare and I am receiving no more for my money. This plan is a major rip-off for the retirees and it is how Lucent is trying to force us to give up our pension bennefits. When medicare is the same as your insurance plan and you are forced to pay for both with no added bennefits and the medical profession has no idea what your insurance is, there is a big problem. Lucent as usual is making sure that the retirees get the short end of the stick.

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