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Alabama power / service

1 United States

My bill has been steadily climbling. Onemonth it may be 350 and the next is 450. Now last month my bill was 673.22. I called alabama power and got the run around because there is no way my bill should be that high. Its just me and my daughter. Well 2 weeks ago I called to ask about the status of the review of my account since a supervisor never called me back. I was told that I had to pay the bill or my power will be shut off. And considering I work from home and my daughter takes breathing treatments I had to suck it up and pay the bill. I wrote a check for 673.22 on a monday. That wednesday the check cleared. Now here it is 2 weeks later acter I have recieved another bill of 488.16 that they decided to turn my power off. I was trying to explain to the man that turned my power off that my daughter was taking a breathing treatment and if he would just give me another 5 mintues to let her finish the treatment he could turn it off. Well he turned it off anyway and I had to rush my child to the e. r. when I get to the e. r I called alabama power to see why they shut my power off and they told me it was because of a returned check. Now my bank says that the check cleared and it is almost showing that on my bank statement but its not in alabama power system. They told me that my check was returned 2 weeks ago then my queation is why wasnt it turned off then so I wouldve known that this was an issue. Instead you cause me more frustration and time and worry to hanfle something that was alabama power mistake.

Nov 15, 2016

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