Alabama Powerrunning power lines to my new house

Me and my husband bought a new mobile home October of 2016 and it was delivered and set up by the beginning of December. We called Alabama Power the day they brought the house on the land to get them to come out and get power hooked up. They have sent one guy out to look at the trees that needed to be cut, he marked like 8. After he marked them he left and it's been weeks since we have heard anything else from them. Since he's marked the trees, we have cut all but 3 of them down our selves. But there are some that we just can't cut ourselves.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Calera, AL Come January 9th we called back to see if someone was coming to cut these trees and the lady, I think her name was Ariel, said she was told that the guy had already come out. He did not. So then she said she would call him and find out and call us back. She never did. So a few days later we call her back, it was a Wednesday, and she tells us that the guys would be out Tuesday. So we were pissed that we had to wait yet another week. Tuesday comes and guess what. The tree guys haven't called to confirm that they are coming out and we called back and Ariel said they should have called us. I'm getting real sick of this waiting game with y'all. It's been over a month now waiting on power so I can move into my house. Do something about this terrible service in the Shelby County Area.

Jan 17, 2017

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