Alabama Powerpower bill sent into collections not even after a week being due

My fiance and I have Alabama Power in Saraland, Alabama. The bill is in HIS name. Our bill was due November 29th and here it is December 6th they have sent the bill to COLLECTIONS and say even though I've paid HALF OF WHAT WAS DUE they have to have the other half by tomorrow (Dec 7th) or they will cut off our power.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Saraland, AL We are on disability and they are UNWILLING to work with us. No one will help. They treat their customers like crap and expect us to just take it. This is unreal. A WEEK PAST DUE AND IN COLLECTIONS?!?! Your customer pays you HALF of what is owed (which was only $230) and you won't work with them until they get their disability on the 1st of NEXT month?!?!

What a wonderful way to run a business.

Dec 06, 2018

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