Ak Managementrefusal to refund money taken out of my accpunt

An management took £89 out of my account on the 10/12/14 I was not aware Igave cconvent to this been deducted from my account I sent them several emails after they tool money out of my account on the 11/12/15 Dec asking for my application to becancelled and to refund the money i rang them today 15/12/14 the man on the phone said because iI did not cancel it 7 days before theytook the money out they will not be refunding my money iI have not accepted any loans and will not be I said it says you have 14 days to cancel after you have taken my money out he replied you have to accept a loan and we will not be refunding your money back this is my widows money to feed me and my kids I want the money refunded I did not agree to them taking money from my account that I recall i think this is disgusting to con people this way iI want £89 back into my account thank you Mrs A Heneghan

Dec 15, 2014

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