Ajman Bankcredit card


I have requested for liability letter on January 7th, 2018 and they confirmed it would be issued within 21 days. Its been long, I went to the branch many times and they are asking me to call customer service and when I call customer service they tell otherwise. I am fed up with their service. This is the worst experience I had ever with any bank. I have applied for loan from Emirates Islamic bank to close this card and the amount is been waiting in my account since December. First they have been rejecting the offer letters from Emirates Bank mentioning some silly reasons, then finally when they accepted it, they are delaying it. I have been paying Murhaba charge (AED 1800) since 3 months for nothing eventhough my loan is released by Emirates Islamic Bank. On 17th January, they will issue another statement where an additional month Murhaba charge (AED 600) will be applied.

Feb 15, 2018

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