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Airtel India / illegally debiting money without using services

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I would like to bring in your notice of illegally debiting money from my prepaid number by sending message for the services that I haven’t used from the phone. I received a message from num 5009 from airtel live thanking me for using their service at 5:02pm on 03-10-06 which i haven’t used which i can produce evidence from the log in my phone which is not editable. After 20min from the first messages certain alerts & prompt came in the phone and the sim services popped up and i click exit, and when i checked the balance after this the RS.15/- has been debited. The log in the phone only has mobile office and which shows the activities done from the phone. I'm facing the similar problem/activity for the second time and i had complained for the same right at the first time and no action was taken. When i complained with the cust care for this they said that u has used the service and nothing can be done. When i asked for the log if they had any, showing the details of me using the same to complain it with concerned dept and they are not ready to give the details even when i discussed the issue with the senior executive there whose name i haven’t noted down.

I have activated the number for the use of internet for one year (Rs.1999/- for gprs) thro' my laptop and i don’t use the mobile for voice calls & browsing sites other than the yahoo messenger which is not chargeable as per your instructions if using thro' mobile office. The default data connection access point for my mobile is by mobile office so it doesn’t use airtel live to login to internet. By two times i lost Rs.25 from my account with out using any services which are chargeable. Me having a very good financial setup is not complaining about for the loss of 25 rupees but for the fraudulent activity by the airtel services. I would like you to seriously look into the matter, because i would like to complain the same to the concerned dept of consumer protection of illegally debiting money from my account and also the improper & misbehavior from the cust. care dept, which my friends also complain always.

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  24th of Nov, 2006
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Free Air Ticket not given and claim rejected by AirTel for no concrete Reason.I have postpaid connection I submitted the Form to AIRTEL complete in all respect. The form was returned by giving frivolus reason.

  30th of Nov, 2006
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Net transaction of Airtel recharge was done. Amount got deducted from the account but recharge failed. And amount was not credited back. Airtel is to simply loot people and nothing less.

  11th of Dec, 2006
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I was deducted Rs 250 in past 30 days. Totally irritated with AIRTEL [The Useless service and money eating monster]

  21st of Feb, 2007
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I have a life time connection of airtel. I was out of station for a week and so roaming charges were applicable from 13th. 02. 2007 till 18th February 2007. I came back on 18th evening. The roaming charges continued to be on my incoming calls. When i called the customer care number 9840098400, no one picked up and i was charged 18 rupees for the call! Airtel is a big cheater!

  25th of Feb, 2007
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Airtel is a Sucker!

Airtel sucking our blood without our knowledge.

One day i got a message from Airtel that is THANKS FOR USING AIRTEL LIVE SERVICES... after that i checked my balance and i come to know that my balance deducted to 10 rupees and when i call to customer care then i come to know that AIRTEL LIVE activated without my knowledge. And they have made same mistake 2 times. AIRTEL is such money eater monster.

  27th of Mar, 2007
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After submitting ID Proof, have not getting services from Airtel for past 1 week without any prior intimation from them. This shows very worse services from Airtel. And their call counter is not matched with my cell phone call counter. After complaining this, so far i have not getting any response from them.

  29th of Mar, 2007
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Airtel Broadband - Illegally debiting money without using services

I would like to bring your notice that I have been receiving DSL Broadband Usage Charges which was never used by me. Every month usage charge is added in my Landline Bill which was never used by me. Every month I call Airtel Helpline and they put reversal amount (60-70 %) and rest I have to pay (Sad thing is I never Used DSL) . They are not bothered why this amount is coming in my bill which was never used by me. There seems to be some configuration issue which is never addressed till now since last 3 months.

Since Last three months I have asked Airtel Broadband to disconnect my DSL account on Landline and convert this into Talk 499 Plan which was earlier used by me. However despite their mails (attached with this mail) no action has been taken so far. Instead I have been receiving DSL (Internet) Usage Charge every month for which was never used by me.

  29th of Apr, 2007
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Airtel made a deductions on almost daily for gprs usage activation for nearly fifteen days even after its Deactivation in the month of march. and that too even after repeatedly reminding them. I got a rfund of Rs. 35.00 after a few days. but as far as i remember these gyes deducted almost Rs. 203 which is confirmed by their Cust. Care Exec.

No refund yet.

I think it is the most hopeless mobile service in India or may be in the entire world.

  9th of Jul, 2007
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Connection no. 9831325928 at Kolkata is a prepaid connection. On June 30, 2007, M/s Airtel has charged Rs. 99/- without notifying. Afterwards, it was learn that they have charged for a Cricket Update SMS service. Such a service was never asked for neither required by my 77 year old father who was taken aback when could not call me up during the week-end (30th June has been a Saturday) and no customer care center helped him to have it reversed. This is just not done. Airtel can not do that. Airtel has to offer satisfactory clarification and redress the situation immediately.

  13th of Jul, 2007
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BE WARNED about Airtels internet surfing offer called Mobile Service. When you apply for it, Rs.99 is deducted from your balance within 5 seconds but you never get access to the net. You get a message saying 'packet data not available'.

When you call customer care they ask you to ring up after one hour. Each time you get a different person and the next one tells you "we will be sending you the settings" when this also does not happen they ask you to do the settings manually which no lay person can do as it consists of 50 different steps. Next they ask you to call after 6pm when you do so you get a recorded message that says "send an SMS to 121 in 120 words or less" on doing this you get a reply saying "we cannot process our complaint, pls call customer care". The cycle goes on.

iThe next day when you call them they give you a resolution number and they promise that action will be taken within 48 hours time. After 2 days they say that action has been taken and that you will get a refund within 48hours. During this time you wonder whether you will ever see your money again because each time you talk to a different person that sends you on a new trail.

The moral of the story : if you choose Airtel be prepared to lose a few tuffs of your hair along the way. They just don't seem to care.

The above happened to me not once, not twice but thrice. As a sucker I've continued with them because I thought Airtel was a well known provider but little did I realize that they are nothing but blood sucking vampires who steal from hard working middle class subscribers.

Its high time TRAI looked into this and not let them get away with daylight robbery. I hope whoever is ready this doesn't have to go through the trouble I'm going through.

  30th of Jul, 2007
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Yes I agree with them.

  31st of Aug, 2007
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I am a subscriber of Airtel from past 5 years and i m facing problems regarding deduction of balance without any reason and intimation and when i call to customer care they tell that it has been done by default and they cant help in deductions of useless rentals. When Airtel is not capable to provide facilities to customer then why do they do false promises?

I got a call from the service provider and i cut the call. After few minutes i got a msg that your FM service has been activated and within minutes 30 rs has been deducted from my balance. Prior to that 25+25 has been deducted from my balance as a voice chat service and while interacting with CSE i got to know that 25 was a default cut and they will credit within 24 hrs , days passed and i call everyday to Cust. care and they tell 24 hrs more. Really i get irritated and its disgusting to see such 3rd class services of Airtel.

I always used to be proud of being Airtel customer but now i m ashamed of being airtel customer and i suggest all my friends not to use airtel and i m also planning to shift to any other service.

  17th of Oct, 2007
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Airtel is waste connection disconnect!

  17th of Oct, 2007
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  27th of Oct, 2007
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Yes I agree with all of them because I have also come across the similar kind of bad experience with Airtel. I am a Airtel prepaid customer and without letting me know Airtel has debited Rs 6 from my balance as a scheme where I get lower call rates by subscribing it with weekly charge of Rs 6. And this is not only once but four times my account is debited with this scheme and even after complaining to customer care there is no proper reply and every time you end up with reply to call after sometime as system is down. I wonder how come this happens without my subscribing it. First my account was debited on 28 august ,then on 28 sep, then on 03 oct and then again on 26 oct.After complaining so many times I have received my Rs6 back only once and that too after calling customer care repeatedly. Even after customer care assures every time that this wont happen again still it is recurring. Please if any one has solution for this please let me know.

  29th of Oct, 2007
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The same thing has happened with me and is still continued to get repeated everyday. They are debiting Rs15 everyday, dont know for what and till date have complained ten times to the customer care guys but they just apologize and say will refund the amount but everyday they have to deduct my Rs15 ya... Im bugged totally with these Airtel people. Why they hell they have to do this??? They need to be taught a lesson!!! They think they can fool around with anybody and everybody but they don't know that in the ordinary people they are troubling there are some who too can show them their places! I want all you people to come together and complain to the Airtel chief Srinivas rao, CEO of Airtel and let him know that his guys are conning onto people like us. It has happened to all of us so lets stand up for our rights and our HARD EARNED MONEY!!!

Nozia Sayyed
The Times Of India.

  12th of Apr, 2008
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hi, firstally i would like to say your dsl service is very poor and blood socker. i was conect my pc with air tel dsl 699 plan, in jan 25 and thats time i was paid amount 1050.after one month rs 2628 rup... bill?what is this i am a student i have no more need internet, i was take conection only for mail cheking, and this plan i have 2 GB, Download free, i was never use more than one hour for sending or reading mail.april 12 i recieve a another bill of rs 1877, what is this .how can i use 1877 rup internet in only 10 is enough for me.i was drop a conceletion form on march 18, i able to pay only 700/rup ... your unit is increased autometically.plz disconnect my dsl account immediattly.thanking you

  15th of May, 2008
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phone lock system is notworking.

  23rd of May, 2008
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when i open the mobile to make a call, a massage of Airtel ad. for STD rate shown (ie STD NOW @Rs1.50/min) every time which I don't want.

  29th of Jul, 2008
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I've the similar experience with high headed & uncurtious cust care staff, when i approached them with the complaint of forcing ring tunes on my phone which I had never asked for, & deducting Rs.160/= from my account. I feel its ridiculous for a company of such high standards to resort to earning money by these means & keeping low cadre staff. I fully blame Airtell for this arrogant & gunda-raj kind of attitude. SHAME FOR AIRTEL.

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