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I have travelled with Air India for years and never had an issue as the service has been satisfactory but on 25.04.17 eticket number: [protected] there were 8 of us travelling. Really bad customer service actually no service. We boarded the plane there were 3 stewardess instead of 6, the food was served 2 hours late people were starving and kids crying. The stewardess was asked for veg food they said you would need to wait so people were actually starving. The stewardess then went to sleep and no one to distribute drinks so a few of the passengers got together and offered refreshments. The stewardess with the surname Singh was extremely rude she couldn't crack a smile we had 8 passengers and all were scattered all over the plane Anita Kumar my sister had a 3 year old and an 8 year old they were all asked to sit separately how can that happen the stewardess said just sit down the plane is full, Leah the baby just cried so we all adjusted our seating so the kids could sit with their mother, how unprofessional. I have other people on the plane that will also be making this complaint, if there is no action taken and my money refunded I will be taking this matter further as Air India not only had bad customer service but they also had lack of recourse to cope with the passengers. My family have been traumatised and I am worried about future trips and if this matter is not resolved I will also be going to the media as I have photo's to reflect this incident. Regards Usha Bhangu

  • Updated by Usha Bhangu · Apr 30, 2017

    I have submitted the complaint as I am really dis-satisfied with the service we all received and the lack of ownership from the airline as well as the lack of cabin crew.

Apr 30, 2017

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