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My husband, Baljinder Singh, is sat at Amritsar airport for a flight back to Birmingham airport, he should have boarded the plane at 10:30hrs (Indian time) but he has been told to go back tomorrow! Why, because Air India have over subscribed the seats! So my husband and another passenger have been turned away and told to go back tomorrow. Totally unacceptable! My husband paid for his ticket on 4th September 2015 and his seat was confirmed for today, 15th December 2015. I spoke to Mohamed at the UK Air India contact number and his response was simply that he could see the seat was confirmed and but the alternative was to go back tomorrow - REALLY!! My husband paid for a service, travelling 9th November to come back on the 15th December, unfortunately Air India have failed in their attempt to deliver their part of the contract - we paid and we have not received what we wanted, for him to come back on the 15th as booked and paid for! My husband is a kidney patient and has to have dialysis, this whole episode with Air India has only added to his stress levels. He has not been offered any accommodation or anything but told that his ticket will be reissued and he will need to come back tomorrow. This is totally unacceptable and I am extremely disappointed with Air India - Mohamed's attitude was poor and customer service is something Air India needs to invest in!

Dec 14, 2015

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