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I have purchased a premier economy air ticket to China on line on 15th May 2018, after few days, I was told by Air China that due to a change of the flight schedule, premier economy class is no longer available so I have been downgraded to standard economy class, but with no refund at all. Air China also said I can cancel my flight if I don't accept the downgrade. I have rejected this as I have already booked my husband's flight and other schedules so I need to keep the same flight I have booked. I have requested Air China to refund the difference between the 2 class, as I have paid for premier, now been downgraded, surely air China should offer passenger refund, this is a very simple theory for upgrade, passenger would expect to pay more for an update.
Air China received my request and keep telling me my case has been submitted to the head office and asked me to wait to hear back. So now my ticket is on hold, as a result this has a knock on effect on my daughter's flight who meant to flight on the same day with me, her ticket has been pre reversed before I was told about the downgrade and because they are dealing my ticket, my daughter's ticket has been on hold too. On 1st June when Air China told me that they will send me an email confirmation with a link for me to pay my daughter's ticket. But I have not seen this email so had to ring Air China again today (6th June), the response I have received from China is I have to wait, but they cannot advise how long.
It has been 3 weeks since I paid for my ticket, I have wasted so much time back and forth dealing and chasing this with Air China Europe call centre for a problem wasn't caused by me as a passenger in the first place. As of now, I still have not been provided with a helpful solution. I am getting fed up with this poor service and most importantly I am nervous about my daughter's ticket as this has not been booked yet which according to the person I spoke to on the phone, this is in process, again no affirmative information given.

I am filing this as an official complaint about air China. 1, why a passenger been forced to downgrade their sit with no refund offered. 2, why when the problem caused by Air China, instead of resolving the problem, they asked and kept passenger to wait for 3 week and show no sense of urgency, no consideration. 3, why my daughter's ticket hasn't been reserved when I was told to expect an email confirmation with a payment link.

I am looking forward for someone from air China to get back to me ASAP, to have my case resolved before I take my case further.

Many thanks for your time and assist.


Jun 06, 2018
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  •   Jun 07, 2018

    The above text has nothing common with the official complaint.
    Air China's ticket can not be [protected] .

    If the author do not have an idea regarding the claim presentation,
    I (we) can present your claim before the air carrier and and before the authority for small charges :-
    1) USD35 before the claim, paybalr online
    2) %% after the compensation is issued: it must be payable by the air carrier after the decision of the authority is inforce.

    The request can be made with madatory documents:
    - air ticket
    - reply of Air China
    - the above text, if the author is not lier.

    manager for ICAO / IATA irregulations
    substitute antispam (at)[email protected]

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