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Some time ago I vaguely remember a phone call from yourselves where I must have provided you with my name and address, as with all Sales calls I just want to get back to my work. I received no follow up email, even though you say you sent one, it must have been caught in our strict company spam filters, so nothing was received.

You later started sending me invoices for an unsolicited product. No contract was ever entered into with yourselves, by law when two parties want to enter in the environment of a contract, their mind will understand the contents of the contracts. This is due to their ‘intention' to be consenting mind which both of the parties must agree. No understanding happened here and no intention to create a legal relation was held, therefore the contract is not legally binding.

I have been in conversations with Trading Standards who say this is a breach of the Misleading and Aggressive Practice Amendment 2014, this legislation is an Amendment to the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Practice Regulations 2008 and you should be hearing from them in due course.

Your service falls well below the good-faith standards of skill and care that sales people would be expected to exercise towards customers and I hope you change your sales methods going forward as this is just giving you a bad reputation across the industry.

Please ensure that no subscription is entered on your system under anyone at Waldeck's name and record in relation to our company that no further unsolicited goods should be sent to us.

Nov 23, 2018

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