Agora Business Publicationsmis-sold magazine

Received a call from a very pushy sales guy about a free h&s magazine. This is sometime ago and the details are hazy - as you can tell this is not something that I wanted. Only agreed to get him off the phone. Thought nothing of it and didnt even read the magazines. A few weeks later I received an invoice for approx £50. I called agora to discuss this as I did not sign up to the agreement. I asked for proof of the email regarding the sign up fees etc as this was not mentioned on the phone call. I received a copy of this email which clearly showed that I hadn't even opened it as they did not have a read receipt. I am being charged for something that I didnt agree to and an email that I didnt even read! They were quick to reduce the invoice amount down to around £15 but after months of harrasment I have now received a letter saying this is now being dealt with by a collections agency. I tried to call but the phone number doesn't work and my emails are not being responded to. Exactly how am I meant to speak to them? Absolute scam of a business!!! Stay clear of any dealings with them. There are multiple threads, sites and scams associated with agora business publications.

Dec 03, 2018

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