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Afni Collections / These rip-offs must be punished for what they are doing!

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I received a collections notice from Afni, Inc., also Afni Collections stating that I owed Verizon Communications a bill for an outrageous amount of $637.25. I only owe Verizon for my current phone service.

Verizon stated that I only owe for my current bill. I have never at anytime ever owed Verizon this amount. If I ever did, I seriously doubt if I would have any type of phone service available to me today.

When I went to their website, it is a fake too! These ripoff con artists need to be stopped and prevented from pulling this with anyone else. Also from causing Verizon a needless bad reputation.

The phone number they are using on the bill they sent to me is not even my correct phone number. These rip-offs need stopped and punished for what they are doing and trying to do!

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  • La
      26th of Sep, 2007
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    We recieved two bills from this company for Alltel! Totaling about $1200. It was weired when we got it because we have moved to another state and here's this bill in the mail. I am so glad I researched this. How many scams are out there!?

  • Ah
      28th of Sep, 2007
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    I just got the notice today 09/28/2007 for a phone bill from 11 years ago when I was a SR in college. They state I owe phone bill. I said that I am always very dilligent in paying my bills and always was dilligent about bills even while in college. They said "there are a lot of people in the situation". I don't have old check stubs from 11 years ago, I closed the bank account that I wrote those bills from when I graduated from college 11 YEARS AGO. This is insane. I am so upset. What do we do?

  • Da
      1st of Oct, 2007
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    I am receiving my second bill from AFNI. I got another one a couple years back. At first, I freaked out. It was for somewhere around $300. But as I tried to remember, I couldn't understand how I could have let this past bill go. So I called them. A woman answered, looked up my account, and said it was from 1992. I still lived at home with my parents! At that point, the conversation was comical. She had no information as to how I could have a bill since I was not registered with a phone. She had no answers at all. It was amazing. I shudder to think how many people might have been taken in by these dirtbags. But after all the complaints and all of the threats to sue, AFNI is still operating?? How can this be??

  • Ga
      8th of Oct, 2007
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    I received a notice on October 19, 2007 regarding a past due Verizon bill from May, 1999 for 125 dollars. I contacted AFNI and they said that the bill was valid and wanted further information including my SS#, DOB and DL Number which I wasn't going to give. The same day I sent them a certified return receipt letter requesting verification of the bill which they didn't reply to. On October 8, 1999 I checked my credit report and sure enough, AFNI put a negative mark with
    Equifax and TransUnion for the amount of 66 dollars and 125 dollars. The have also gone further by re-aging the date of the amount owed to 2004. I have written letters to the Illinois Attorney Generals Office, BBB and both credit reporting firms asking for assistance. AFNI needs to be stopped. Their actions are compeltely illegal.

  • Bi
      8th of Oct, 2007
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    I received Afni letter in april 2007 saying i owed verizon 400 bucks. I never contacted Afni, having prior knowledge of them from a disgruntled friend who paid them off re-gretfully. Afni applied a fictituos name and a collection on my credit report. I initiated an identity theft investigation and a fraudulent collection account and let the process work itself out. You must do this with all three credit bureau's. Afni was shot down by the FCRA's smoking gun! If you truly don't owe, this method will work for you as it did for me. Good luck!

  • Ni
      12th of Oct, 2007
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    I just received a notice in the mail for my husband who is currently in Iraq, though I do have power of attorney, so I gave AFNI a call (They claimed he owed a bill for Cingular (whom neither of us has had) of $2000, though only owed half of it). I couldn't even stay on the phone long, I had to hang up because people like this truly irritate me. I told him that this was clearly fraudulent as neither of us have had Cingular, and that I'd be getting my legal team on the matter, so. That's what I'm headed to do.

  • Sh
      13th of Oct, 2007
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    Not a mix-up, but a scam. AFNI bought a ton of worthless paper from Boyajian Law fka JBC Legal, trying to collect on the same phone paper.

    Go go for more information. You can find these crooks under "Agencies to Avoid"...lots of good information.

  • Ki
      14th of Oct, 2007
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    We just got a letter too! Funny though, it was for a number in a city that my husband has never lived in. Truly a scam! We are complaining to Verizon first thing in the morning, sending a demand letter for proof of debt with copies of the complaints to the FTC, BBB and Florida Attorney General attached for their reading pleasure. Will let you know what happens! Oh, and we will be contacting all 3 credit agencies with fraudulent collection complaints.

  • Ma
      16th of Oct, 2007
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    I received three bills in one day two with Verizon one with Sprint for over a three thousand dollars called my Sprint phone company is now having there attorneys investigating this matter.

    These people must be put to a stop!!!

    Sincerely yours.

  • Kl
      19th of Oct, 2007
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    Afni Collections - Fraudulent bill
    United States

    Received a bill from 8 years ago supposedly being collected for Verizon for service to an address I never lived at for a telephone number I never had. The bill was in the amount of $1126.02. Why did the phone company not turn off the service long before the bill reached that amount? Afni could only suggest we come to a settle amount for a bill that was not my responsibility. I hope she was kidding.

  • Ge
      22nd of Oct, 2007
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    I have a similar story. Mine was only for $93.62 from 9 years ago. From a phone number I had but from after I moved
    out. It may have been possible but I have never had that big of a bill so it seemed suspicious. So I challenged it to AFNI. They immediately sent back a response saying. "This letter confirms the original creditor and balance of your account." Ha Ha Ha they did it to fast. You would think 9 year old records would be hard to come by. I am sure they only checked their own faulty records. Since the statute of limitations is 3 years for a debt, I think they will have trouble collecting. I will just:

    A. Ignore their letters
    B. Check my credit reports.
    C. If they dare report anything I will challenge it.
    D. Report them to the Attorney General as a SCAM

    I recommend you all do the same as well.

  • Aa
      26th of Oct, 2007
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    Im not sure if I should be more incensed by the treatment I've received from AFNI, or from Verizon. I received a collection from Afni about a month ago, on a Verizon phone account that was closed in Aug 2000. I promptly sent them correspondence requesting that they verify the debt, and name the original creditor, and proof that the debt falls within the statute of limitations. They sent me back what appeared to be a copy of a bill from Verizon... which as far as I know, could have been fished out of a trash can.

    Early in 2001 I had gone into a debt consolidation program and had fully paid off the account balance by Nov 2001. When I called Verizon to get confirmation of this I was bounced around from department to department, and at one point, after getting my account number they just forwarded me to AFNI's automated line without telling me!!! I hung up and called Verizon's collection department again, and after talking to a few more people they explained that the account was sold and the only information they retain on sold accounts is the original address and account number. They said all of the old payment history, etc. was essentially deleted and that they could not do anything, I had to speak to AFNI to dispute the claim. I sucked it up and stayed on the line while they transfered me directly to an Afni rep (because I complained that the other times I called I was prompted with an automated message that just directs you back to their website and wants you to "schedule" a time for THEM to call YOU). I told my story to the Afni rep for the thousandth time that day. Told her that I was in contact with my consolidators who had on file the name and phone number of the Verizon rep who confirmed that the account was paid in full. She got snotty with me, saying I need to send them all the proof, and now my account has been marked as disputed.

    Its bad enough when you get yourself in trouble and you're drowning in debt that you really are responsible for. I did this when I was younger, and I worked really hard to pay off my debts and assure that would never happen again. I am completely LIVID that this is happening with a debt I have already paid off. Right now I suppose I will have to deal directly with Afni, until I am sure they are not going to falsely report this debt to the credit bureaus. But afterwards, considering the fact that I will probably need to hire a lawyer, I think VERIZON is really at fault... for selling a debt that was already paid off in full. The last Verizon rep I spoke with before talking to Afni AGREED with me that it was ILLEGAL for them to sell a debt that had already been paid.

  • Ka
      27th of Oct, 2007
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    Afni has been harassing me about a bill that is over 8 years old and was not mine to begin with. They say I owe Verizon over $500.00. What is up with these people? I sent them proof that I did not owe that debt, which they say was not good enough. They wanted me to fill out a form with personal information and send it to them, which I did not(preventing identity theft 101). They even put it on my credit report and my credit score dropped from 783 to 663 just because of Afni. There definitely needs to be a class action suite against them. If anyone knows what other monitoring agencies I can complain to, please email me.

  • De
      30th of Oct, 2007
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    I NEED HELP! Afni has totally screwed me over... SO I get this bill in the mail from AFNI saying I owe $195 for a cable box I kept when i moved from South Carolina to California. However, problem with this is I *PAID IT* over 2 years ago! So I try to call AFNI and their lines are down, so i go to their website and submit a complaint to which they did NOT respond. 2 weeks later I submit another complaint on their site... AGAIN no response. I get my credit report and WHAM, there it is all over the place. My credit rating went from 726 to 670 due to this thing! So finally I get AFNI on the phone and they said they are willing to offer me a settlement. I say "NO WAY!" and they said if I got a letter from Charter cable then send them a copy, they'll take care of removing everything. I tried to contact Charter and Charter sent me on an Endless "transfer" loop! I got transferred to a trillion departments. EVERYONE at Charter that I talked to could see my account and confirmed that this should not have gone to collections and in fact, they show a balance due to *ME* in the amount of 200 and change. So I asked for a hard copy letter, fax, e-mail... anything... and they all said they could NOT do this for me no matter what. I tried talking to managers and supervisors and all said the same thing. So I go back to AFNI and AFNI said they cannot call Charter because they already purchased the bad-debts and that's that and I owe it and they again, offered me a settlement amount... TO HELL with these two companies. They both say I have to call each of them and neither say they can talk to each other. I *KNOW* this is BS. I have already asked AFNI to send me validation/verification that I owe them and they balked at having to do that, but said they will do so ASAP. However, what's to stop them from just sending a letter saying "You owe because we say you do" ??? So now that my decent credit is RUINED due to this, what do i do now? Where do i go from here? Charter isn't helping me and I live 3,000 miles away from where I had the Cable service (so I can't go to a local branch) and AFNI doesn't give a rats behind. Any lawyers out there I can talk to to have this thing removed 100% from my credit files? Please, someone e-mail me or something... (please don't spam me).

  • Pc
      31st of Oct, 2007
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    Greeting all,

    For those of you that live in NY state, I just thought I'd let you know that the NYS Attorney General's Consumer Fraud dept. has contacted me about AFNI. They are planning to take legal action against AFNI for their fraudulent practices.

    Perseverance pays off. NYS is going to do something about this. I would suggest that those of you from other states write your attorney generals as well.

  • Si
      5th of Nov, 2007
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    In late September 2007, I received a letter from AFNI addressed to my husband for a supposed debt to Contel South. We had never dealt with Contel South before, and my first thought was that someone else had created the debt in my husband's name. A few days later, I received another one addressed to me, also showing the creditor as Contel South and showing a different phone number, so I started researching. I found that Contel South was connected to GTE, which in turn became Verizon. A then realized that the phone numbers were legitimate numbers that we had more than 10 years ago through GTE, but we owed nothing on either of them. The P.O. Box on our letters was the same as some other I've read here, 3427, but they came from Bloomington, IL and I've seen other comments here that stated they came from other states with the same P.O. Box.

    I knew that it was a scam so, in each case, I went to their website and used their online contact form to dispute the debt, and simply said that it must be an error on the part of the original creditor, hoping that they would send me something else to use against them. Within three days of doing this, I received a form letter from AFNI for each case, enclosing a photocopy of a single page from an old bill, which looked identical to to the bill format that GTE used to use. In the meantime, I did some more research and found that, in most states, the statute of limitations on a debt of this type, even if it were legitimate, was three years.

    Once I received the second letter in each case, I sent a letter to AFNI by certified mail with a return receipt to prove that they received it. Both letters I sent were identical except for the specifics regarding the amount, account numbers, dates, etc. Here is what I said:

    "To Whom It May Concern:

    Responsive to your letter dated October 9, 2007 (copy enclosed), I must reiterate that this debt is hereby disputed. As stated in my communication submitted through the AFNI website on October 8, 2007 (copy enclosed), when the referenced account was closed at my request more than 10 years ago, the account was paid in full and there was no balance due. Further, the photocopy of the bill dated October 13, 1997 enclosed with your letter referenced above confirms the zero balance. The notation on that bill referring to the amount of $97.22 as “UNCOLLECTIBLE (WRITEOFF-ACTIVITY)” is quite obviously an error on the part of the original creditor.

    However, after sending the above referenced communication through your website, I contacted an attorney and verified that, even if the debt had been legitimate, which it obviously was not, the statute of limitations for debts of this type through Virginia courts is three years. Therefore, the statute of limitations for collection of this debt expired more than seven years ago.

    Accordingly, I hereby request that you take the following actions regarding this debt:

    1. Please contact any credit reporting agencies to whom you have reported this alleged debt, and inform them that I am disputing the debt; and

    2. Please also forward a copy of this letter to the creditor who alleges that I owe the debt at issue, and inform them that I am disputing the debt.

    Except as specifically outlined herein, I am hereby requesting that you immediately cease all contact with me about the alleged debt. Any further contact should be in strict conformity with the FDCPA. Specifically, it should be limited to informing me that you have ceased collection efforts on the alleged debt, or stating that you are taking a specific action in relation to the alleged debt such as commencing a collection lawsuit. Obviously, I would raise the statute of limitations as an absolute bar to any lawsuit.

    Any further contact should be made in writing, and should be submitted to my home address by mail."

    Regardless of whether or not your debt is legitimate, this letter should take care of it because it shows them that you are more informed than they thought, and there is no way that they will show their face in court. I received my return receipts and have heard nothing further from them, and I don't expect to. But, if I should hear from them in the future, I have copies of everything as proof, (including the name of their employee that signed for the both of the letters) and, if I have to, I will file a harassment lawsuit. The most important thing to remember is to dispute it from the beginning and never, ever give them the impression that you might be willing to pay or are even considering paying the debt because, as I understand it, the statute of limitations would then start over and they would probably harass you for another 3 years.

  • Am
      5th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I just received a letter also Nov 3,2007 for 144.53 never had Verizon selected never heard of them the bill for a disconnection for a phone# never had 216-227-1288. So I called this phone# and a lady Sholanda answered and I explained to her I received a bill with her phone# and she said she got this phone# thru 1-800-4aphone and bill comes in her name. So I called Verizon selected and all you do is stay on hold (1hr 45min) and nothing. So I called Sholanda and she explained to her phone company and they had no idea what she was talking about and if the bill states that they were going to disconnect how could I called her!?!

    This is what pisses me off!! Filed bankruptcy few yrs ago cause of a bad divorce. I am paying my bills on time and ahead of time to get my credit back in order and this happens. We can never get ahead on anything while dumb ###s like this try to pull this ###. What to do I have no idea!?! HELP!!!

  • El
      5th of Nov, 2007
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    I received a Collection Notice from Afni Inc and thanks to this website I did some additional research and realized that the bill they claim I owed from 1999 was bogus, I sent a copy of their Collection Notice and a letter to the following:

    Attorney General
    Federal Trade Commission
    Better Business Bureau

    You all should do the same and get these guys where they belong, behind bars.

  • Sh
      6th of Nov, 2007
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    I just had this happen to me. I was so mad. When I called the BOGUS agency, I was told that I could file fraud or that I could pay a settlement so that I didnt have to go through all of the other issues that go with fraud. So, the bill was 189.00 he said I could pay 50.00 and that would take care of the account. I paid the 50.00 and then read this web page. I had to have my card cancelled but at least he didnt get my 50.00.

  • Ke
      6th of Nov, 2007
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    I just rec'd an AFNI letter stating I owe $41.53 to Verizon. 1. It was in my maiden name and I've been married over 10 years. 2. They have a phone number I have never seen and 3. I NEVER USED VERIZON-EVER!

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