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Afni Collections / Fraud and cheating!

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I received this collection notice from AFNI collections on the 23 of July 07. For the amount of $34.97. Original creditor Alltel. I call the company with the number that was posted. To pay the bill. They tell me it was from 98/99, and that was all the info they had on it. I laughed at the lady on the phone and gave her nothing. I came in the U.S. Military in early 1998. Straight out of high school. I had no job or credit. I never had anything to do with alltel in 1998 or 1999.

This is where things get good. I was living in Virginia there was no Alltel in 1998. There was a 360 phone company on post (Ft. Eustis) which I think got bought out by Alltel or switched names. When I do not know. Why I don't know is because, once i got finished with basic training and school (which at that time we were not allowed to have any type of electronic devices). I left towards the end of 1998 and got stationed in Germany. There is no Alltel in Germany. I am a 110% sure of that. I was living in Germany for 3 years. I then left Germany and got stationed in Ft. Eustis Virginia again. That is when I got my first cell phone. Guess where I got my contract through? Yup! Alltel in 2002. The only cell phone company I have ever went through. I had no problems going through this company. They never mentioned a pass due bill. Never had me in the system before. Nothing about 1998/99. I was with them until 2004. July to be exact. That was when I went back to Germany. I have been here ever since. And yes it was mailed to me here with my German address on it.

I check my credit report once a month (that is the truth). I have been doing it for years. There is nothing on it that says anything about this bill. Of course it is not pass the 30 days that it is dated, but do to the many complaints that I have found on this company doing internet searches. I will wait it out and check my credit report on the 1st and see where I stand. Be for I dispute it. In the mean time I will bring this up to the Military Legal department here to see what kind of advice they give me.

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  • Pa
      8th of Aug, 2007
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    I received a collection notice from these ###, Afni Collections, saying i owed $58.81 for a verizon phone bill. I have never even had a verizon phone!!! they are obviously scam artists who just bill anybody and everybody and hope that there are enough saps to just pay it with no questions asked. Burn in Hell Afni!

  • Ji
      14th of Sep, 2007
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    Received collections notice for a $46.69 that original creditor verizon, on 9/12/07. I had phone no. for 10 years ago. and now afni is collecting. What a scam. Call afni to dispute and told them to sent me copy of my debt verification, craig w/ afni says i owe them money and i should pay. He won`t sent me my request, sounds like he can ruin my credit. It`s like paying ransom money, why verizon let them do that.


  • Ma
      23rd of Sep, 2007
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    I have been recieving a bill that i didnt it has something to do with a cell phone im 83 years old never once owned a cell phone i keep receiving a bill that is 2'789.91 kicalled and was told to come to this web site and make some kind of claim please contact me at 636-*949-2474.

  • Jo
      24th of Sep, 2007
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    I just got a notice from Afni for an account I am sure was paid but have no records since it goes back to 1996!! Its only for $32.22 but its the other stories here that have shocked me, I have never seen this amount appear on my credit report , I check frequently and have bought two homes since this so called 'debt'. Isn't there a statute of limitations in California anyway (4 years??) so they cant report it to a credit agency since this has clearly expired?


  • De
      11th of Oct, 2007
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    Afni Collections - Fraud & cheating!
    United States

    There was a message on my answering machine thursday night it was a prerecorded message and it said if this wasn't me then not to listen to the message and if so that they were trying to collect a debt and anything they find out will be used against me and they left a toll free # I never heard of this agency before It was 9:45pm and I called back the scary part was the recording stated my name and told me to hold so I was on hold for 4 mins someone got on the phone and he told me that I owe T-Mobil $665.00 He asked me if I had a phone in00-01 I told him my husband past away in 00 and I was disabled until 02 and I never had a phone he had my soc sec # & my license # which was scary he gave me 2 different #'s and asked if I knew them I never had a phone with T-Mobil so he told me to go online and dispute it when I did I saw all these complaints. Now I'm more then a 100% sure that this is all bogus. They need to be stopped...

  • Cb
      13th of Oct, 2007
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    I received mine yesterday for $320+. I freaked out and paid them with my c/c and then I found this website and others. I was able to close my c/c account so that they payment won't be made. I am worried; however, that they will report to the credit reporting agency but I'll fight this giant. God's got my back.

    It is sad that Verizon is associated with this loser of a company. I plan on calling Verizon on Monday to see how they feel about this or if they even care. We don't really have a say so in who our local phone company is but I would suggest terminating Verizon wireless if you have it. Hurt them all where it hurts--in their pocket book.

  • Ka
      8th of Jan, 2008
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    We received a billing settlement offer from Afni, Inc. stating that we owed Verizon (GTE at that time) $313. 57 for four months from '96-'97 and that they would settle for half that amount. When I informed the representative that the phone number was never ours, I was told that they do not dispute complaints and she then proceeded to tell me how I should go about paying this bill! I mentioned that the letter stated my negative credit may be reported to credit agencies but she said, "No it wouldn't", and I replied , "Yes, because of the statue of limitations and because of that, I will not pay you one red cent for a bill that was never ours." She said I still owed on it because it was our name and our address regardless of the incorrect phone number.
    I will report them to the FTC and the Postmaster General for fraudulent charges thr0ugh the US Mail.

  • De
      21st of Jan, 2008
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    I just received a bill from Afni on behalf of Alltel for a nearly nine year old account. They claim I owe nearly $300 total, but this was a *prepaid account* that I only had for 2 days (I closed the account because I didn't like the service or the phone). I never heard anything from Alltel, and anyway, they actually owed me a refund for the month I paid in advance. I called Afni and they were rude and threatening and told me I have no recourse unless I can provide paperwork from nine years ago.

    I wrote them a letter to dispute the bill and also contacted the Attorney General in Illinois and my state after seeing numerous similar complaints about Afni all over the internet.

  • Ti
      15th of Feb, 2008
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    places where they say i had phone services put at i never been at those places i do want to put in a complaint thank you very much

  • Br
      21st of Feb, 2008
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    I have recieved 2 seperate bills both from Afni, one from Alltel for $276.59.the address to that bill was 1429 North Carolina from 9/96 to 2/07. I had no clue they had cell phones at that time. for the record I have never live in NC. the second one is for $223.71 and the Address 2294 W8th st. this was my home add but the ph# there was under my moms Name and we still have the same ph# because my sister still lives in the same apartment, it's a houseing complex.
    I know this a stolen indenty because the add NC shows up in my record report, yet I have no credit of my own. I will right you as well & contact the FBI.

  • Ni
      28th of Mar, 2008
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    The bill that was sent to our residence is incorrect because as we were told that this number (205)853-1281 has been in use by me since 1994 which can't be true because the address associated with this number in '94 was not ours. In that year we weren't at this address or even in this area. The number we had then we had for 4 years at 1919 24th St. N. and we took that same number from 1919 24th. St. N. to our new address and that number was used by us for 4 years. The number that you are trying to charge me for wasn't used by us until we moved into the residence at 1446 4th Way NW and until we moved into the residence at 821 Ridgefield Rd. We've had this number(205) 836-4023 since 2004 and we refuse to pay this bill on these grounds. These charges are fraudulent and we need to check into this matter.

  • De
      17th of Apr, 2008
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    Hi. I thought I'd let you all know that after contacting the Illinois Attorney General, AFNI has dropped their collections case against me. They never said they were in the wrong, BUT they retracted their negative reports from the credit agencies and agreed to close this file.

  • Po
      19th of Aug, 2008
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  • Do
      23rd of Oct, 2008
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    I did nothing after calling and complaining to both AFNI and Verizon and now I'm screwed. The amount was only $37.00 but it was the principal. They just reported it on my credit and my credit score dropped nearly 100 points. Over $37 bucks!! I still wont pay it but it's going to take me a long time to clean this crap up.

  • Il
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    I also got a call from a rude lady at AFNI stating I owed an outstanding balance on a past due Cingular bill. I asked for an acct. #, date of bill or any other information they had on this since I have not had phone service from Cingular in over 10 years. They could not provide any information and said it was my responsibility to provide paperwork to prove I didn't owe this bill. Then she threatened to report it on my Credit Report. I hung up on her... but she did put it on my credit reportwhich I am now disputing. Cingular has verified that I had service from 3/1996 to 9/1999 and no outstanding balance was due. I am reporting them to the Attorney General's Office after seeing the special on 20/20 yesterday on scam collection companies.
    What about the statute of limitations on this? It ran out a long time ago even if I had owed a balance. I am also contacting my attorney to see if I have grounds to sue them.
    Debra Rightmire

  • Jo
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    iluv3laf, your mistake was, you gave the caller from AFNI enough info over the phone for them to connect the old Cingular bill with the person they were speaking with, - its always best not to give out any information like 'oh yeah, i did used to have a Cingular account, but that was so long ago blahklbhalbh' etc.. the minute you do that, they'll tack that on your credit report because they consider that as you having confirmed the debts validity

    any bill collector that calls you over the phone, tell them you do not do business over the phone, you only do business in writing. You can try to give them your home address. Then thank them and hang up.

    never even discuss the matter beyond determining the reason they are calling.

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