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Aflac / bad service!

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An AFLAC agent gave a presentation at my wife's place of employment a while back, and after the meeting, she approached him about purchasing insurance to cover lost income due to maternity leave. Co-workers had signed up for similar benefits, and had been satisfied with the service, so my wife was interested in signing up, as we were about to start trying to have our first child. They visited about this for some time, and she made it clear that the lost income was what she was interested in protecting during maternity leave. She signed up for what she believed were these particular benefits.

After some time (the 10 month period stated in the policies is not an issue) she became pregnant. I reviewed her materials and found documentation concerning (1) A Voluntary Indemnity Plan, which is a hospital confinement indemnity policy; and (2) A Personal Sickness Indemnity Plan, which is also a hospital confinement sickness indemnity policy; and (3) A Personal Disability Income Protector, which is a short-term disability insurance policy.

As I was reviewing the documents, my heart sank when I looked at the receipt. The agent checked the first two, the Voluntary Indemnity Plan and the Personal Sickness Indemnity Plan. Basically, these are the same policy with a little less benefits for one than the other. However, the language is exactly the same. Some benefits are provided regarding pregnancy, it appears, but not the one thing that was the key to us, which was her income. Long story short: The agent seemingly checked the wrong box and signed us up for the wrong policy that began with the word 'Personal.'

I have read a few of the reports on here, and I have no evidence of wrongdoing at the moment. I think it's just a foul up by the agent. Otherwise, it would make no sense for my wife to basically take out two of the precise same policies. Anyone had any luck in such a situation? Although I think it is fairly clear what was intended, and the premiums are virtually the same, I do not necessarily anticipate AFLAC just doing the right thing and applying our premiums to the policy that we really intended to purchase. The results will be a resulting serious economic hardship that we thought we were doing our best to avoid.

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  • Le
      4th of Apr, 2008
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    I have problem with them and will not have anything to do with them I an in norfokl VA
    and at one time call about a policy and no one ever return my call I gust one they rip you they do not talk to any more
    Thant my 2 cent worth

  • Do
      22nd of Apr, 2008
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    I am a licensed Insurance agent and have seen this problem over and over again by Aflac agents. I know I was contracted with them for about 2 months before I cancelled my agreement with them.
    You absolutely have a claim against the agent. That is why we as insurance agents carry errors and ommissions insurance. It is like malpractice insurance. If we make a mistake you the policy holder do not have to suffer for it.

  • Ch
      22nd of Apr, 2008
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    I got a denial leter saying my claim was not covered by an accident.It was not submitted for an accident, was supposed to be for perventative health care which you have been covering.And i am very unhappay with your service on other employee at my co.that has not been paid promptly.
    I would appreciate if someone would take care of this problem
    charlie wharton
    killingsworth pest control inc.
    3 chestnut ave se
    fort walton bch. fl.

  • An
      2nd of Sep, 2008
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    I am alarmed that folks would freely post complaints without contating the company directly allowing them the opportunity to address discrepancies. I believe it is simply too easy to bad mouth companies without offering them the opportunity to correct the core issue.

  • Af
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    I worked for Aflac for 4 years. I was a National Convention qaulifier amongst many other fancy awards.
    I had to quit this company because the way we were enrolling people for a large account I had was unethical.
    When I left the company, they people in my upline apparently defamed my name and made up lies to make themselves look better. What a shame. These people were teaching us how to do this type of enrollment and then had the nuts to say the oddest things about me when I decided to walk away from their scam. The client called me up to tell me what they said.
    We are currently sending our complaints and seeking top notch representation.
    Aflacs main attorney is trying to swindle his way out of the defamation part by stating State and Regional coordinators are independent contractors...but we all know that isnt the 100% truth. Aflac appoints these folks to leadership roles and tells them to soley represent Aflac. Then these individuals are to go down to our accounts and take them over when we leave. Then they go and destroy an agents name? they cost me a job because of the crazy things they said.
    We are going to the department of insurance and are considering making signs and marching outside since Aflac did not want to take responsibility for the damage they caused.
    good luck folks- stay away from this company. It is a strange pyramid.

  • Ms
      4th of Oct, 2017
    0 Votes

    I agree with the complaints. Insurers are contacting company and were fed up with the improper handling of claims process.

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