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red flag

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I had been online looking for affordable health insurance a few months ago. I gave up and quit looking. Then last week, a guy called me from AWA describing very affordable insurance for me and my husband, who has a pre-existing condition. Red flag: when I asked him to mail me more information, he said he didn't have anything to mail me, other than what was on the website. I told him that sounded very strange to me. I think I was right. After reading other complaints and comments here, I am declining when he calls me back and will certainly not give him any personal information! Chalking this up to experience. No harm done, thanks to websites like this! Thanks!
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N  18th of Oct, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I just signed up for this group. Have I been stupid.
N  23rd of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
Thinking I might have been stupid too. I got a call from someone from another insurance company who told me that the "insurance" would only pay $10 on a generic or $24 on a brand name medication and I would be responsible for the rest. I called the agent I signed up with and told her what happened and she told me that the other person didn't have the experience or knowledge about the plan and I should just ignore their phone calls. Kicking myself because I did everything over the phone and never had the person come to my house or meet them in their office. Going to do a bit more on this. I paid $209 for first month and $99 for a one time enrollment fee. I'm thinking I may have to look some more.
N  29th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
Yeah its a joke. I paid the $320 as well as I am diabetic and self employed so finding insurance is IMPOSSIBLE. After receiving the AWA insurance package it says very clearly on the front THIS IS NOT INSURANCE. I found out they don't even cover any of my meds which the guy on the phone lied and said yes they do and he even said he looked it up. Basically you pay 250 per month and they will give you a $50 payment towards your 150 doc visit or whatever the case may be...soooooo...why don't i just keep my 250 a month and when I get sick 2 times a year use my 3000 saved to pay for whatever is needed. Now the concern for me was major car accident, broken leg...blahblahblah...anyways, I decided to call Allstate. They apparently offer a type of "aflact" service that will take care of major issues. The platinum package they offer was about 150 per month and seemed to cover a lot. I don't have first hand experience with this claims process yet, I just know that I will be dropping AWA ASAP! Good luck to everyone with pre existing conditions out there. Being self employed with a pre existing condition is a fantastic path to BANKRUPTCY... :) Have a nice day. Heath
N  20th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
Hi, I am a dislocated employee do to Plant Closure, 24 year employee looking for online health care, this is the communication between myself and plan I was offered. IF I COULD SEND THIS TO THE ENTIRE WORLD TO PREVENT ANYMORE UNFAIR POLICIES.

Hi, I am concerned I will start policy just to get activated and then when we get underwritten the policy will dramatically increase or get cancelled. How can you quote a price prior to evaluating pre-existing issues. If your employer can promise in writing that this is the definite monthly premium after underwritten has been finalized then I am interested! I was only approved on the very minimal questions. For spouse the questionnaire was name and birthdate. I really have better things to do, I lost my job of 24 years due to plant closure. My unemployment barely covers monthly health insurance. I know you really do not care about that part!!

This is a guaranteed issue at this point. There is no medical underwriting to be done, next step is to get you enrolled and coverage started. The premium is $709.00 and will enroll you at that amount no more than that. I haven't seen a price increase in 2 years and from what I understand they do not operate that way. Does that help?
Hawk Agency
Amy Loyd
Healthcare Advisor
877-526-8844 ext 121


Here is the information you were needing regarding the Select Care Plan. There no co-pay and no deductibles on your medical. This coverage is group Insurance PPO plan, it bills through the Multi Plan Billing Network, this is where the doctors will be filing claims and receiving their payment. The Multi Plan logo shows on the face of your insurance card. With this being a PPO plan you can also see the abundance of doctors in your area by going to WWW.Multiplan.com .

You also have the Consult a Doctor Benefit which gives you 24/7 access to a licensed physicians by phone or email, they can also fill prescriptions for you as well without even going to the doctor’s office. You have full benefit coverage’s for Dr. Visits, Lab/x-ray, preventative, ER, Hospitalization and surgical, as well as prescription and vision coverage.

Your coverage is backed by US Health group, Freedom Life, Cigna, and Mutual of Omaha. You can see Mutual of Omaha’s financial stability rating at www.ambest.com as well as through Better Business Bureau. You will see there that Mutual of Omaha has an “A+” rating for your peace of mind.

Also the coverage includes your medical, Vision and Prescription coverage all under the same premium. This puts your coverage under a group health plans which is what is keeping you from having to meet a deductible. Also, this coverage is devised to be month-to-month plan so that you are not under any contracts. It is strictly devised to help you have health insurance to cover pre-existing conditions in whatever time frame you need it, and there is no cancellation fee, you can cancel at any time.

As I stated to you I have you approved for coverage with the Select Care Plan for $709.00 a month with a one time processing fee of $99.00, this gets you activated in the insurance systems and gets the policy underwritten, and we can get your coverage started for you.

I look forward to speaking with you again and getting you enrolled In this great plan. Thanks and have a great day! www.awaselectcare.com/hcc

Hawk Agency
Amy Loyd
Healthcare Advisor
877-526-8844 ext 121
N  29th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
Has anyone signed up for NBLA Insurance, And Then when it IS time to get it they change it to WAS Insurance
N  23rd of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
I was looking for a health insurance and I was contacted by a fast talking broker or agent who offered a seemingly affordable health insurance. Without hesitation I gave him my debit card information. After the effective date I went to see a doctor and they decline to pay the portion of the payment that was promised by the agent or broker who contacted me first, then when they send me the scheduled benefit health plans many important coverage were not available and for some benefits there is only one day benefit per calendar year. It was a case of misrepresentation. Before I filed a complaint to the department of insurance in the state I live I was contacted from their collection department notifying me that my coverage is temporarily suspended. At one point I was directed to a third part who told me they are not a part of this health insurance company and could not answer any of my questions. So, I really don’t like it and I am in the process of filing a complaint to the Department of Insurance to get my initial payment back.
A  3rd of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am loosing my job May 25th so was looking for health insurance for myself and my husband. We both have pre-existing conditions and I was told by BCBS that I will not get health insurance anywhere I will need to pay Cobra until I am 5 years cancer free. When I got this phone call I thought WOW this is great only $499.00 a month 100% for everything, 60% dental and eyeglass. Kaylia her name was also told me I would get $15, 000 life insurance policy throught MetLife, $50, 000 accidental death insurance and IF my cancer came back or I had a heart attach I would get a check for 10, 000 no questions asked. She wanted to take a payment right then but after watching a TV program recently I was a bit uneasy. I told her I wanted to call my doctors office as she said he excepts the plan to validate they have had people use this coverage. Her tone seemed to change at that point. I will be calling her back today.
A  9th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
What a rip off! I just dropped USHEALTH GROUP/FREEDOM LIFE! I recently lost my health coverage at my employer of 10 years due to cut backs. So I was shopping for a health insurance that would help me with my torn rotator cuff, knowing that I needed surgery and I was very clear to the sales agent of my condition. After talking to the surgeon I found out that only $2000 of the surgery will be covered for all of my medical needs for an entire year by USHEALTH GROUP/FREEDOM LIFE . Just the orthopedic surgeon alone will cost $25, 000! I was told very clearly by the insurance agent that I would have no worries, no co-pay for surgery and that at least 40% of the operation would be covered. After getting only $10 off of my one generic prescription which cost me $88, only $50 off of a $250 Ortho co-pay and was now told that USHEALTH GROUP/FREEDOM LIFE also denied an M.R.I. which I payed $500 out of pocket for.
So I hope this might help someone that is in my shoes and is new to the health insurance shopping world. I'm an honest tax paying middle class male and I once again have learned the hard way and I'm out my $115 joining fee and one $264 monthly payment.
N  10th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING THIS FOR MEDICAL INSURANCE PUT YOUR COMPUTER DOWN AND BACK AWAY SLOWLY!!! Just dropped this insurance!!! Started when I was online looking for health insurance. I have a pre-existing condition and am on VERY expensive medications. After searching for quotes online I was contacted by an agent for this company. I was cautious. Probably talked to them 5-6 times before I agreed. Paid $313 for my monthly payment and $99 one time enrollment fee FYI enrollment fee is non-refundable. Received my benefit packet in the mail and nothing is the same as what I was told. I was told that Cigna would be my Health insurance provider, nope. I was told that CVS Caremark would be my Prescription Plan provider, nope. I was told that ANY medication would be covered and my cost would be $10 or $20 depending on generic or brand name. HA!!! The packet says either the $10 or $20 or 50% which ever is greater. My meds are thousands of dollars so obviously that won't cover them. I just talked to the prescription provider and they aren't even covered and there is no way to get them covered!!! They will only cover $300 a year for labs, x-rays and diagnostics. I have an annual MRI, yea right.
The only thing good was when I called to cancel the representative I spoke to was kinda whispering telling me other sites to go to to get assistance with my medications.
A  11th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
I just signed up today. I have been on COBRA and it's quite expensive. Having no deductibles sounded very good. I'm confused about the prescription coverage. Does it pay the cost of the medication minus $10 that I have to pay or is it the other way around in that they pay $10 and I have to pay the rest of it. The agent was rather confused about things and vague in her answers. This sounds SO good and I want it to be legit, but what should I do? Call and cancel tomorrow? HELP!!!
N  11th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
Hi Ellen, The insurance card will cover $10 off of your generic prescription, so if your prescription cost you $100 it will now cost you $90. My screen name is "Ripped" off Rotator if you would like to read my comment. Also scroll up to read the other comments. There is nothing good about this insurance, the agents that sell it lie. Do not use your card or you will not be able to a refund of your first payment. Hope this helps, I was told by my physician to stick with insurances that are reputable, such as Aetna, or Cigna.
A  16th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
I had awa I was told it covered preexisting. Well I had to have two knee surgeries and it wasnt pre, yet they still covered nothing and I didnt find out till now that I am getting sued for the bills. is there any thing I can do?
N  20th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
I called two days after I gave them my debit card number and fortunately they credited all but $98 back to my account. I guess that's the cost of being stupid. When I got off the phone I just knew it was the wrong thing to do and I stewed about it. Thanks so much for all your comments. I had a feeling I was getting ripped off. I'm going to stay with COBRA. Whew!!!
N  27th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
I was contacted by a young man the other day about AWA insurance. He told me that I was approved and could be covered. It all sounded to good to be true so I asked him to e-mail me some more information and I like most of you I never received it. So I looked it up myself. It all sounded good until I found this site. I'm so glad that I did my homework and didn't take out this insurance. I myself sell insurance but my company does not sell general health insurance we deal with Med-sup, dental, life and annuity. If anyone wants to know the creditability of a company go to Weiss and look their ratting up.
N  2nd of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
I was contacted by agent from Freedom/Homeland Insurance Company selling medical insurance. This insurance was through AWA and sounded great. I was told by the agent selling this insurance that I would pay $10.00 –$ 15.00 for the first 6 doctor visits, and $20.00 after as many times as needed. When I received the insurance policy, it was only a $250.00 a year maximum for doctor visits. I asked two different individuals if there was a maximum on this insurance a year and was told, “No.” In addition, I was informed that for RX I would pay $10.00 for generic and $24.00 for non-generic. Again this is misleading, the policy states that you pay 50% or $10.00 for generic, whichever is more and 50% or $24.00 for non-generics, whichever is more. I cancelled this insurance within one day of receiving the information packet. They stated that they would give me a refund, but of course they do not return $98.00, which is a non-refundable sign-up fee. I was mis-leaded and ripped off. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. I should have looked up this web site before I signed up for this insurance.
N  9th of May, 2012 by    +1 Votes
so glad I found this site! I was contacted today by a representative named Jay, I still don't know where he got my information from, he even had my address and email address. He convinced me that he could sign my and my husband up for a plan that would cost us $409 for the two of us per month. He also said part of my maternity costs would be covered (I'm 7 months pregnant). Sounds too good to be true but I talked to him anyway. Then he asked for my credit card or debit and a red flag went up for me. I made an excuse that I needed to use my husbands credit card and he wasnt with me at the moment, that I was out of the house. So he is calling tomorrow and I'm going to ignore the call now. I wanted some time to do research on it first and I'm glad I did!! Sounded too good to be true and obviously was.
thanks everyone for your honesty
A  23rd of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
My letter to AWA today...

I am a new AWA member. My policy became effective on 05/15/2012. The
information that was explained to me on the phone (policy & benefit
descriptions) are not the same as what is reflected in my Insured AWA
Benefits. I attempted to look on the sites that were described in the
packet but very very little help on the site. My benefits described on
the phone were much higher then what my policy actually covers. I went
very in depth about me being a diabetic and discussed in depth my
desires in an insurance policy. Needless to say, I am not happy. We
discussed in depth the vision plan benefits and the dental benefits as
well and I cannot locate any benefits pertaining to this via your
website. I request that I receive an email with a detailed out line
explaining any and all benefits that may be related to dental and
vision benefits as well as any additional benefits that may not have
been listed in what I received in the mail. I do not know if I just
received the incorrect policy information in the mail but I hope this
is the case. I really hope that I was not provided false information
so I would provide payment for a policy that was not clearly or
falsely explained... Awaiting response.
Your Customer,

N  1st of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have talked with at least 10 different brokers about health insurance and every time I check on the validity of their claims. I haven't found a one that pays what they say they will pay. I have several preexisting illnesses and was turned down by BCBS, so now it is impossible to secure a well known company for coverage. Are there any reputable companies, brokers, agents that can help me and not rip me off? I have one month to secure something before my cobra runs out. HELP!!!
A  5th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have AWA too. We were informed by them that pre-existing conditions is covered and there is no waiting period. I am a diabetic and low and behold I get a call from the claim representative telling me my claim will be denied because they won't cover my diabetes until after 12 months. They should have mention this when we first talked to the representative. Do not get this insurance it's not worth the money. We were paying $399 monthly for myself, husband, and two sons. Like someone mention above go with a reputable company like Aetna, Cigna, or United Healthcare to name a few. Do your research.
A  6th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
My husband has had this insurance for 3 months now. He has not used it yet but he does have pre existing conditions such as diabetes etc. Should I be worried? Should we cancel this insurance? The representatives are very rude and do not seem to want to help you at all.

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