Aetos Holdings / regards to your personnel with armed.

SG Review updated:

incident date: 17/11/2017

i would demand a explanation on what i am going to explain.

firstly is your personnel with armed allowed to shout at anybody in public?

this incident took place at tai seng area when i just ended work. i was searching for a heavy vehicle parking lot. i realized that your personnel are looking at me. i asked him if i did do anything wrong?. he walked towards me and asked me to get down my vehicle and started shouting.

i am going to attach a video that i have taken during the incident.

i did not know that he can misuse his authority?
what if he take his revolver and shoot me?
can he just threatened public that way?
is he even allowed to touch me when i have no body contact against him?

i will need a really good reply on your side for what that has happened.

thank you.

Nov 18, 2017
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