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Aetna Health Insurance doing cost containment review through 3rd party consultant called ACCENT. Have worked at UPS part-time since 02/08. Accident at home on 10/30/09 and placed on STD on 11/04/09 which ends on 05/02/10 as far as pay. Aetna doing a cost containment review through consultant ACCENT. Didn't start using insurance significantly until 11/04/09 when rushed to the hospital. I have neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and mental health impairments. They are looking for some way to drop me. Can you say Erin Brokovich. Very slimey people. UPS is better than this. I have never been paid on time resulting in my inability to pay for medications, copays, deductibles and transportation to appointments. This lack of timely payments has caused mental health relapses and rehospitalizations. Not a very good cost containment approach. Aetna Disability is doing a peer review. Their RNCM system is totally broker - slow and very impersonal. Recerifications all the time which cause delays. I've been a social worker for over 25 years and i have never seen such a horrible system. Think long and hard before you buy health insurance from Aetna. They like moving the ball and goal posts.

Glen Swift
UPS Part-Time Employee
Aetna Health Insurance
Aetna Disability

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  • Ja
      25th of Jun, 2010

    If your employer had the type of AETNA insurance that just has AETNA reviewing & paying claims... is it your employer's money used to pay the bills instead of AETNA's money? If it is, then it's very possible your employer is aware of all your health information including labs, diagnoses, vital signs & every chart ever made on you. The employer is the "payor" and possibly has access to all of your information. It's seems wrong to alert employers of high risk / "high dollar" employees. I expressed my concerns about this and didn't get far. They claim the employer doesn't have the name of the actual employee costing them so much $$$.
    I wonder though if an employer could figure out which of it's employees has been in the ICU for 20+ days? It doesn't seem too difficult for them to figure it out.

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  • Wi
      9th of Aug, 2010

    Im sorry about you're health situation and for you're loss of inability to work. So you have worked for UPS for what 1 1/2 yrs, from what i read above...?? I'm sorry that you think UPS or Aetna is lacking in "politeness" but as far as a "part-time, hourly" employee, how in the heck can you complain about being paid 26 week of 60% of what you were making before you're injury... I myself have been working "[email protected][email protected]!!!" for 14 YEARS!!! How can you even sit there and bash the company or insurance for being "semiprofessional, rude, or following-up" on what is there job and what they deal with day-in day-0ut. I have been told that UPS IS if not the, but 1 of the best part-time jobs in the WORLD!!! So maybe you are under the influence of just not to happy right now, but I have not been the perfect employee at UPS but I darn sure cannot complain about anything EXCEPT that it take 10+ years pretty much anywhere in the country to get a full-time job. SO ENOUGH SAID and by the way, im on disability right now and was going to have a 2-level back fusion which was not worker's comp, and was going to cost around 50, 000+ dollars and 100% paid for..."FROM A PART-TIME JOB THAT PAY'S YOU'RE INSURANCE". So since the job market is so well off and Obama is getting us all those jobs for us wonderful American's, then quit UPS and go find another job that will support you're "disability's". I wish the best for you and you're recovery, and when you do find better job then PLEASE let me know, and you can post it on this website so the rest of America can go apply... GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES

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