Aerotek / Horribly unprofessional

Piscataway, NJ, United States

Lindsay Leddy Piscataway, NJ rep
I had applied for a position that was posted on one of the career websites. Went through the whole process for the application. Received a call from the above named rep to make an appt for an interview. The intial job that was applied for was no longer available which was communicated to me that this was known. A second position was proposed which was similiar to what was being sought. Contact was made the following day confirming the interest in the position the was proposed". A follow up call was made the next day upon which a voice mail was left'. No callback was made from the rep for the rest of that day or the next?. Another call was made as a follow up with a voice mail also being left/. As the day was almost finished another call was made upon which voice mail was reached again;. Proceeded to immediately call back through the switchboard and the phone was amazingly answered:. The conversation was left that I was to be informed regardless if this was a go or no go/. Now that it has been around three weeks since no calls, no emails and basically no nothing from this rep!. Highly unprofessional, clueless and has absolutely no common decency

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