Aeropostaleworst customer service at aeropostale

I had the worst customer service experience at Aeropostale store located at Citadel Outlet on 7/24 between 8:50-9:15.

My 2 kids, husband & I went into the store around 8:55. Few minutes later I ask for a dressing room to try on 2 pairs of shorts. One was too small so I looked for a bigger size which I found and my husband asked a lady for a dressing room for me. She went to grab the keys & return to the dressing room where I was standing there waiting but for some reason she looked at me & walked back to the counter then told my husband " no, she can't try it on because we are closed." She then said something to another lady on the cash register & they both laughed.

I don't know why I was being treated that way and why she made fun of me. I understand that it was past 9pm at that time but there was still other customers in line waiting to pay.

Jul 25, 2018

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