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C Mar 07, 2017 Review updated:

I have purchased several pairs of the "uniform" pants in different colors for a few years now. This last purchase was around August/September 2016 and I purchased 1 black pair and 2 pairs of khaki color. I may still have the receipt. All 3 of them are defective. The seem on 1 leg per pair is twisted and when I try to iron them, they don't lay normal. I am extremely disappointed in these pants and don't understand why Aeropostale chose to sell these defective pants regardless. I'm sure you are aware of this issue and guarantee I am not the first to bring this to your attention. I chose to ignore this for so long because I don't like to complain. However, I need these pants for work and they bother me with the seem on the front of my leg instead of on the sides where they're supposed to be. I'm not sure how you prefer to handle this but I would like a refund, replace, return, etc.



  •   Mar 07, 2017

    6-7 months is way outside any reasonable return policy. What you need to do is contact the manufacturer, not the store, for replacement, depending how long they offer a warranty for.

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