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I went to order online with my cc, and it said it didnt go through. I was trying to take advantage of the sales for labor day. I checked my cc balance and it stated that the money was taken so I contacted aeropostale. The woman at customer service apologised and told me that my cc company denied the paymnt, and to call them . So then I called my cc company who informed me that NO they hadnt denied it, that they approved it and that because aero had denied it, that my money would be on hold for whatever amount of time aero holds onto it for. So I called Aero back, they said...OOPSIES yes we have held your money but it will be released in 5 days.. This was not good for me because by the time I would get my money back, not only would aeros labor day sales be gone, but so would any one elses that I may want to take my business to instead(such as old navy, jc penny and or GAP). So I emailed customer service and they said they would release the money in 1-2 days... I sent back the info and low and behold they didnt release my money. I called aero back on that tuesday after labor day(as i just got my money back that day...the day after the sales ended) as they were unreachable over the weekend( not sure if employees had off or the phone was really busy but after 2 hours of wait on speaker phone I gave up). Any way So the teusday a rep told me there was nothing I could do but they would be having free shipping untill Septemeber 16 and at least I would have that discount (which they said was usually 7$). So on the 14th i went to place my order... guess what? shipping wasnt free. now mind you this is only 7 $, I am still upset and not wanting to order from here but my kids really dig the clothes they sell/ I call the customer service. The woman tells me no, she wont give me free shipping, I request a sup and she says no free shipping and that I should have opened a case. I assume that a case would have been opened after at least 6 hours on the phone. What horrible horrible customer service. I will be sure to spread the word and ruin as much business as possible.

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  • Co
      Sep 15, 2010

    I just say to not give them your business anymore. And also, shop at the actual store. Online is a hassle and very snobby.

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  • Fr
      Jan 03, 2015

    I ordered Christmas presents from there on Dec.14 2014 I would check the status of my order on line and every time it said " ORDER SHIPPED" with a tracking number beside it. I clicked the tracking number and always got the same message in UPS " ORDER PROCESSED, READY FOR SHIPPING" . I checked again the day before Christmas and it stated the same ole message. I called the 1800 number and got a animated recording telling me the same thing, " order ready for shipping". I then emailed them and got a response in 2 days that basically said that they had no clue what happened to my order and that it got lost from the processing warehouse to the shipping warehouse!!! This was on December 28th. They ask me would I like to reorder the merchandise or get a refund and of course I had already rebought the Christmas gifts from A&E so I ask for a full refund. Well, here it is Jan.3rd and still no refund. So I did the online chat. She told me that the refund had been canceled and that it would need to be reprocessed again and could take another 2 days to hear back from them!! I ask for the managers number and I am going to try that!! I ordered a package from Hollister 4 days before Christmas and received it on Christmas Eve and had to return items due to wrong size and I have already received my refund all in a week shorter time than what I have been dealing with Aeropostle just trying to find out about my order!! Probably will not order from them again...

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