AeroMexico / where's my refund

Hi, my name is Katya, my aunt was schedule to leave from Tijuana to Mexico City, but when she got there she was told that she did not paid her ticket that I purchase for her here in US. Her reservation UGFOZE and it was used for both tickets, travel on 10/28/2017, she called me crying because they made her buy the ticket again but this time in Peso more expensive that she had to borrow money so she could get home, And when I called your customer service I ask why your company did this, I was told that it was because of security reason( but you still let her on your plane), I really don't understand how could your company do this. So when I called your customer service I was told that I will be getting my money back and on 11/3/2017 I had received a deposit of $136.43 and I paid the amount of $191.43 and you still owe me $55.00 for the extra luggage I paid for. Also I think that your company owes my aunt (she is 65 yrs old) an elder and gets treated like this she had to pay more money that she wasn't suppose to pay at all because, I paid it in full and the ticket was confirm by your company and offer to get early check in, so you owe a her an apology and I think that you should refund her money back that she had to paid in Tijuana. This bad for business and I think she wont be traveling with Aeromexico any time soon because of the experience that she went through at the counter with your customer service at the desk . She has High Blood Pressure and it went up.
Please do something about this.
Katya Bolin

Nov 21, 2017

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