AeroMexicooverbooking refund

Delay of flights from Mexico City to Cancun flights
1. AM 571 MEX 18:25 CUN 20:35 (FIRST OPTION)
2. AM 571 MEX 18:30 CUN 20:41 (SECOND CHANGE OPTION)
3. AM 591 MEX 10:35 CUN 12:57 (THIRD CHANGE OPTION)

When I booked my family's flight reservations in January 2018 I believed that I would be choosing the best flight option and it was the beginning of the organization of the holidays because the rest like, airport transfer, hotels etc. were based on our arrival in Cancun. So any changes in our flights would affect and cause a big problem to us.

I received from Decolar the company I use most of the time to buy my tickets a notification awhile after the purchasing to get in touch, because Aeromexico claimed that the flights I had purchased were no longer available and gave some unviable options and that we should choose other dates and times, we made the timetable changes even with my dissatisfaction. There was still time to change my plans so I did.

After another time I received another notification from Decolar that there was another change made by Aeromexico.
And again I had to make changes to the plans to fit in Aeromexico flights and enjoy my family vacations.

The date of our vacation was arriving and according to the website of Decolar and Aeromexico I tried to do the check in online and I was unable to check in or make reservations for the seats. Check in is not available for this passenger. Please proceed to an airport counter.

When we arrived at Check in "airport counter" from Latam company that operated in the destination Sao Paulo - Mexico I was able to check SAO PAULO - MEXICO, but I asked the attendant about the tickets and seat of the flight from Mexico to Cancun, because Check in is not available for this passenger. Please proceed to an airport counter.
I was informed by the attendant that we should check in at "airport counter" in Mexico with Aeromexico.

To our surprise when we arrived at the check-in "airport counter" the attendant informed us that we were not on the passenger list of the original flight on our voucher because we had not checked in or reserved the seats.

Attached is proof that Check in is not available for this passenger. Please proceed to an airport counter.

After a while and my persistence to get the flight tickets the attendance informed us that Aeromexico practices the overbooking in up to 20% and that we would be in the waiting list for next flights.
Then our rush and nightmare began. We were hungry with a 2 year old kid in our arms and another 10 years in an unknown place without knowing what time we would take our flight and arrive in Cancun for our holidays so well planned at this point.

They gave us some tickets without seats with only our names and told us to go to the departure lounge and they would try to arrange a flight.

Where we waited for some time and a lot of persistence gave me voucher to eat and I kept insisting on our tickets passages. They wanted to send my wife with my children on a flight and myself on another flight later of course I did not accept.

I finally get tickets for a flight after a lot of stress at the check-in desk because my wife was not feeling very well due to the stress the blood pressure was not controllable.

This delay caused us a lot of embarrassment a lot of waiting time and uncertainties one of the attender offered us a refund of USD $ 200.00 in the beginning but to buy in a period of one year in tickets with Aeromexico. What I refused because we never used it.

What they gave me after were 4 vouchers worth USD100 saying that they could carry out a bank transfer after completing a PORTE PAGADO form and that we should send them to the email address [protected] filled with my bank details.

What I was expecting were the USD $200 per person PASSENGER TICKED as it is offered but not to be used in another flight.
Following the details for credit as it was asked

William Valentim da Silva
Address - Estrada Mauro de Prospero 1100 Ap54 Torre 4
Bragança Paulista CEP [protected]
BANK - Banco Santander S/A
Account - Conta Corrente: [protected]

best regards

William Valentim da silva


Jul 31, 2018

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