Aeromexico / golf equipment bag charge!

United States

Confirmation Number : FZUSLD
Passenger Ticket : [protected]
Passenger name is Kyung Nam Kim
Fly from LAX to Mexico D.F.

-Today my brother has a flight to Mexico by your adorable airline but we had a bad experience ever had.
So disappointed with personal sports equipment (golf) bag charge and got an worst attention of inexperienced counter receptionist.

We making a lot of travels to different countries and airlines but it's first time charge a lot money because as GOLF EQUIPMENT.
I understood that usually this kind of personal training equipment do not charge, even though I could accept as like another bag. That was told us first time.
But later charged me $150 US dollars by it.

My complain is 2 things, .

1. First moment told us it will be $55 because Golf equipment, and then the other counter man assist to lady who attended us, the golf equipment do not need to charge.
But the lady did not know how to classify (it looks be to me) and then went to consult or ask to supervisor. Later she told us it will be $150.
I guess everyone must get upset or disappointed at this situation.

I would like to get full refund or part of that charge because to my understand not fare.

2. So worst attention from the counter woman ( I don't know her name) neither poor knowledge as like to attend many customers at the counter.
I don't think that kind of attention do not worth for your company, even more image of the AEROMEXICO.

I'm really disappointed today attention.
Hope to get any favorable solution and attention from AEROMEXICO soon.

Sep 21, 2017

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