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A&E Factory Services / charged for no services done; arrived late as well; technician lied stating I declined estimate

1 4100 Tomlyn StreetRichmond, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-905-9505

I had a scheduled appointment for a technician to fix or at least attempt to fix my refrigerator today, 11/3/08 and they were scheduled to arrive at my home between the hours of 1:00-5:00p.m. When I scheduled my appointment, I gave the phone rep my cell phone number and asked to have the technician call me when he was on his way to my home. I called twice today with the latest being 4:30p.m. to make sure he was still coming. The rep told me that he was at job#7 and that I was job#8. At 5:12p.m. this evening, I received a telephone call from the technician stating that he was running late and wanted to know if I still wanted him to come out to my home. I told him yes, that I was only off on Mondays and that I needed my refrigerator fixed. The technician arrived after 5:30p.m. and needless to say, Phillip the technician could not tell me what was wrong with my refrigerator (not cooling properly is the problem) and asked for the $65 fee for coming out. I was upset stating to him that not only did he arrive at my home late, but he was charging me $65 and could not tell me what was wrong. I told him that if he wasn't going to at least see what the problem was, he should have told me over the telephone that due to him arriving late, that he would not be able to do ANYTHING and I would have rescheduled rather than to have him come to my home and do nothing and still charge me $65. When I asked for his supervisor's contact information, he would not give it to me. When I asked him for his worker number or at least his last name, he would not give that to me either. Phillip the technician or whatever his real name was printed out a ticket and asked me to sign it. After reading it, I refused to sign it because he had typed in Customer Declines Estimate. I asked him why would he type in such, knowing full well that I never declined an estimate. Because he arrived at my home so late, he said he wasn't able to do a dye test to determine whether or not I had a leak . So virtually am out of $65 and not only did he show up late, but he was unable to tell me what was wrong with my refrigerator. I contacted A&E and spoke to Sandra, a manager at the National Call Center. Sandra was of no help to me and there was no customer satisfaction at all. Sandra stated that she understood and agree why I was upset, but that I still had to pay the $65. Sandra stated that if I allow another technician to come out to my home again, then I would not have to pay another $65 service fee (no help now, considering late and nothing done?). Sandra stated that if I did not allow a technician to come out again, then she would see about getting my $65 refunded. I stated to Sandra not to kid ourselves. If she did not tell this technician who was still standing in my living room this evening while I was on the phone with her, not to charge me $65 because he had done NOTHING but show up late, getting $65 at a later time was inevitable. I wrote a check for $65 to A&E and wrote in the memo "showed up late, no diagnostic done". I can bet you anything that those money hungry people will still cash that check which endorsing it means that they agree to what was in that memo. But most of all what upsetted me the most was how that technican lied to my face stating on the ticket that I had declined an estimate. I refused to sign and he did not go into his computer to change it either. When I asked him why did he lie, he just stood in my kitchen looking at me stupidly and did not say anything. It is obvious that I got cheated out of $65 tonight and would like something done so that this does not happen to good people by very underminded and untrustworthy individuals.

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