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A&E Factory Service / continuous bad service

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March 12 - approx 10:00am
A tech came to my office to run a diagnostic on a refrigerator that wasn't cooling enough. We had to pay $75 with a credit card on the spot for him to tell us that we needed to replace a few parts because of a surge and the total repair would cost nearly $500. I don't have the authority to confirm such repair so I told him I would have to get back to him to confirm the order. He circled the parts that were needed on the back of a receipt. I spoke to my manager and he confirmed that it was ok to order the parts to repair the fridge.

March 12 - approx 2:00pm
I called A&E to order the parts, I spoke to someone that said it was no problem and we could order the parts right away.

March 16 - approx 12:00pm
I called A&E to schedule a repair time for after the parts arrived. I spoke to someone that said that the parts weren't ordered on Thursday like I originally thought. She said because of this we could do an "Emergency Order" for those parts and schedule a tentative repair date on March 20th in the morning (assuming the parts arrived on time).

March 19 - early morning
I received a "robot" voice mail saying that my service would have to be rescheduled. I called up the 800 number and asked them about rescheduling. They said that the parts were STILL NOT ORDERED and that they can't take orders over the phone since we don't have an account. The person I spoke to kept saying that I "Declined service on 3/12 and that's why your parts weren't ordered." I mentioned that I didn't DECLINE but needed to POSTPONE our acceptance because I couldn't accept a $500 repair without approval. After sounding like a broken record (mentioning over and over that I declined service, thus blaming me for not getting parts ordered) they would only be able to order the parts AFTER a technician came to the office to physically scan a credit card. I asked why they couldn't take my credit card over the phone, they said they don't have that equipment. I asked when a technician could arrive, they said not til the next day... She apologized over and over and asked if I would like to file a complaint. I said that I would really appreciate being able to file that complaint. She said that I should expect a call 24-48 hours later to tell customer service what happened.

I spoke to my manager of the office and said that he thought the person I spoke to didn't know what she was talking about and to try back and see if I spoke to someone else if I could get someone that could order the parts. I called back and spoke to a man who directed me to Sears who were able to take my order and a credit card over the phone.

March 24 - 10:30am
I called Sears to confirm the arrival of the parts (scheduled to come today) and then A&E to schedule the repair. A&E accused me of saying that I canceled their service and said I was going to a competitor. They also mentioned that I had "Declined service" at the time of the diagnostic, at which point I took a breath and in my calmest voice said that I had received extremely terrible service with A&E and that I wasn't happy that I kept getting this "declined service" thrown in my face as an excuse for why I didn't get the parts through them.

I'm basically at wits end and mentioned how on Thursday I was supposed to receive a call from their service group regarding a complaint I wanted to file. The woman I spoke to said she'd resubmit the information and I would hear from their customer service.

March 24 - 11:00am
I just got off the phone with A&E customer service. The woman I spoke to once again accused me of "declining service" to which I replied that I hadn't declined service, but couldn't accept it yet. She said the repairman couldn't leave without closing the ticket (using inside jargon I couldn't understand). She mentioned several times that I declined service and that when I called to order parts on 3/12 and again on 3/16 that the language they used with me (emergency etc) indicated that an order wasn't placed as I was on a "collect call" (later she explained that this meant we don't have an account). Instead of making me feel better about the whole experience, she made me more flustered than ever.

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      24th of Mar, 2009
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    i had an a&e tech come for a stove, who ended up breaking my refridgerator part that pulls out to replace the filter, that was in december and they will not pay to replace it, with out it we cant get the old filter out to replace with a new one. a&e sucks.

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