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This was my worst car rental experience of all time. Every step of the way.

I rented a car through Travelocity for the Advantage location in Toronto. When I arrived, I called the toll-free number for the shuttle pick-up. No one answered, and I called at least 5 times. Someone finally answered the local number on my 3rd attempt with it.

The car smelled terribly of smoke and a strong perfume was used to try to cover it up. It was dirty. No windshield washer fluid. It was not filled with gas (as advertised), and the guy wrote down it was at a half-tank and it wasn't... he rounded up! He had no other cars available, so I was stuck with it. I confirmed the original price ($64.87) with him and left.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Toronto, OH

However, when I returned the car, I was told that they had to do add an exchange rate on that. I told them that it was already done (I had another file online that had the rental at $52.11 usd, which is $64.87 cdn, but it seemed redundant, so I didn't bring it), and that I confirmed the price when I first rented the vehicle. It didn't matter, nor did he care about the state of the car, he still charged me an extra $13.28.

Not a large sum, but it is the principle; and on top of that, the service was so poor.

I have called the location 3 times, and have always been told the manager is "busy." I have never received a return phone call. I have emailed twice (with the document clearly stating the usd and cdn amounts) and received no response.

Now, I am going to write travelocity and every consumer website to warn people. They think I will drop this... ha!

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  • Ni
      Oct 19, 2009

    I had a very similar experence.
    We arrived in Toronto called the local number 3 times finally got someone to answer, when they finally decided to have someone pick us up a beat up van pulled up. The driver steped out opened the back doors and made us put our own luggage in the back (i'm 5 months pregnant). got into the van and it smelled like smoke !!
    upon arrival the "manager" tells us that the require a $500.00 deposit that it's stated on the website and No it does not !!! they also fail to mention what credit cards they do accept !!!
    After all that finally got a car enjoyed our vacation went to renturn the car and yet again another surprise!!
    He had folded the recipt and handed it back to me and walked away i lookwed at the charge and it was $327.00 for a four day rental !! WTF!! when i booked it it was only suppose to be $159.00. He had gone and charged us $25.00 a day for full insurance on the car. When he explained it to us at the begining he told us " it's $5.99 a day for ZERO coverage" when I questioned ithe said that he fully explained it to us saying the it was $25.00 a day for a Zero deductable He is so full of ### it is unbelieveable !!! Needless to say he would not remove the charges so I called EXPEDIA when i got home to complaine the EXPEDIA Rep was also unable to Help me!!
    So... I would STRONGLY recomend NOT renting a car from this company and i would be a little weary of using expedia only because if you have a problem they may not be able to help you!!

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  • Ba
      May 31, 2010

    Never again rent a car from "Advantage Car and Truck Rental", they are thieves.
    Phone number: [protected] / 866.390.8296
    We chose this company because their rate is lower but we ended up paying much more!!! It was a horriable experience. At the time we return our rental, they claim there's a dent on the side, but the dent was there at the time we rented the car and there was no pre-inspection. They ended up charging us 500 without our authorization.

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  • Na
      Oct 12, 2010

    I agree with the others. This has been the worse experience ever. I will never rent from them again no matter how low their rates appear to be. Not worth the trouble and beware of added charges to your credit card.

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  • Dp
      Apr 15, 2011
    Advantage Car Rental - Rip off
    United States

    Rented med-size car on line through cheap tickets, the quote was $117.00 and change. The cost I did not ask for once done $268.00. This was after complaining. Originally wanted to charge me $398.00!!! What a rip off, never again, steer clear of Advantage!

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  • Ad
      Jun 05, 2012

    Similar experience here. You will get the car online for lower price. But they are so tricky and you will end up paying more than other companies and at the same time get the worst service ever! If you want to file a complaint, they don't even have a department for that nor a online email or forum for complaints. There office it's pretty much the only place a real human being, instead of machine, can answer your question, and they are tricky.

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