Advance Auto Parts / E-Advanceunethical behavior

I visited Advance Auto on Randolph St in Thomasville, NC today. My visit was on 5/28/2018 at approximately 11:00 am. There were three employees there at the registers when I arrived. I approached the first register that no one was at and the gentlemen (Larry Gray)told me that I would have to wait for assistance since there were a few customers in front of me. Note this employee was not on the phone with anyone nor helping anyone. After I waited for the other customers to finish at the other registers, a nice lady started helping me on my battery purchase. They were out of the economy battery for 74.99 so she was going to see if she could get the guy to discount the 104.99 battery for me. The guy refused to discount the battery and told me that I could go to Carquest to purchase the battery that I was looking for. I had my car running outside because it would not re-crank due to my battery problem and also it was raining. He did not seem the least bit concerned. I told him that I thought they offered the next product up at a discount and he said "I do not know where you would have heard that from" in a smart alleck tone. The female employee must have thought they did that discount also because she had also suggested the discount. I asked for the male employee's name since he was being so rude/sarcastic and he had been the one that was not helping anyone when I first come in. He told me his name was Larry Gray. I got my check book out and started writing his name down with my ink pen in my check book. He then grabbed my hand and ink pen and proceeded to tell me he would write his name down for me. I told him to let go of my hand and pen. That he had no business grabbing my hand nor my pen in my pocketbook. I told him that was unacceptable behavior and that he was getting ready to be in alot of trouble. The female employee witnessed his actions as well. I did not want to go out in the rain to buy another battery somewhere else but I was not going to be treated in this kind of manner from Mr Larry Gray. He should not be allowed to touch any customer! I left immediately and went to O'Reillys Auto Parts where I was treated with the upmost respect and purchased a battery with no problem or hassle. Mr Larry Gray needs to be reprimanded for his actons against me today. I do not appreciate the treatment I received. I do not even know if I will ever shop at Advance Auto again. I have been a long time customer and have never encountered such a rude employee.

May 28, 2018

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