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ADT / horrible install

1 AR, United States Review updated:

I have been happy with ADT until now, We got new French doors installed, the installer told me he pushed the wire back up in the baseboard, and all that adt would have to do in splice into the wire. Well when adt I called ATD I was told they would be out between 12 and 5pm, at 430 the installer called and said he was going to be late and if i wanted to reschedule, i told him no. he came about 630, and said that since he can't see the wire, that I need to take the trim off and find the wire myself and he would come back, when I questioned him on this he told me that he was trying to save me money and if he had to get in crawl space above ceiling that it would take 2 - 3 hours to find wire/re wire and he insured me that it was going to cost a few hundred dollars, 85 for fist 30 min and 25 for every 15 min after that. well he left, i poped off the trim in about 1 min found the wire. and then i tried to call adt and reschedule for tomorrow, nope i got 2 days, they operator called the adt guy and he said he was to far away and it was near the end of my shift, and when i asked him about that before he left he said he has plenty of work for the rest of the night, and that he was not trying to save time or anything but save me hundreds of dollars, yea ADT SUCKS

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  • Ja
      28th of Jul, 2010
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    ADT Security is a joke! And a ripoff too!
    I know because I worked for them for almost 2 years as a commercial and residential service engineer in Arizona.
    I designed, installed and tested technical security systems at US embassies and consulates before I retired from the USG and went to work for ADT. I am an electronic engineer and had specialized USG training in all aspects of technical security. I did military communications systems engineering for 23 years prior to working in security.
    When ADT hired me, they promised 30 days of training and I got nothing! They also said I would earn $75k but it was less than half that amount. And ADT managers, who knew nothing about security, expected and demanded that service personnel do at least 7 service calls per day, regardless of the complexity of the problem. Service crews were sent out with no parts and often had to call other service personnel to see if they were nearby and had the part needed.

    ADT installs alarm systems that do not work and when a burglary does happen, they tell the customer ADT is not liable since the customer did not test his alarm system monthly as they are supposed to do.
    Most homeowners would not even know if their system was communicating or not with ADTs monitors (they either have a communication link over a telephone circuit or a wireless connection via a cell radio transmitter). I personally saw situations where the system was installed and not working properly and the customer had been paying for months or up to a year without knowing it.
    Yet despite all the shortcomings, ADT sees fit to charge $30-40 a month for a false sense of security - it's all about profit and little to do with customer service and satisfaction.
    And ADT has no installation standards, installer training, or spare parts on service trucks. I was sent to one customer’s home which was about a 1 hour ride away; when I arrived he needed a few standard 1.5 volt batteries and I had none on my truck. I had to drive to the nearest Ace hardware and buy them using my own money. At other residences, I found the heavy alarm panel mounted with only drywall screws (it was falling off the wall), exposed conductors on wires, panels installed upside down, and sensors that had been installed days ago falling off.
    ADT sales reps know little about security principles and how to design a proper alarm system. They advertize the $99 special, which is OK for a studio apartment at best, and then use the bait and switch scam to get the customer to shell out $1000 or more for an “expanded” home alarm system. Sales reps are out to maximize the total sale dollar amount since they get paid on commission.
    And ADT will take over any system ever installed by anyone else, as long as the customer pays the $30-40 monthly fee. Then ADT will not have trained personnel or parts to support these odd ball systems when they do fail.
    Buyer beware! It is a known fact that a big guard dog is a better deterrent for burglary! And keep in mind that a critical factor for any alarm system is the time it takes for police to respond to the alarm– if you are in a remote location and it takes 30 minutes for police to get there, burglars have this much time to crash and grab.

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