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Adore Cosmetics / unethical behaviour

1 Pickering Town CentrePickering, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

Dec 31/2015 at the Pickering Town Centre in Pickering Ontario Canada I went in to exchange a product my son got me for Christmas as I was there I was told there product is organic and I should come and have a seat and Michelle the sales girl will show me since I was into organic I said sure. Well I sat thru the 20mins demo and ok all was good at that point then I didn't see any sign saying NO REFUND so I did purchase a lot over $ 1000 this was to last me a little over 2 years with some of the products according to the sales girl. But even before I got home my face started to feel like as if someone rub hot pepper on my skin it didn't get red at first so I got home and washed my face with yogurt it as ok for about 15 mins then it started to burn again and then my face got red. Since it was New Years Eve I couldn't return the product the next day so I when into the store on Jan 2/2016 no one could help I was told I had to come back when the sales girl who helped me was in so I went back on Jan 3/2016 spoke with Michelle the sale girl after I explain to her what happened she wanted me to try something else at this point I just wanted to get my money back give them the products back and leave then the manager came on the phone after about 15 mins with her on the phone she gave me a refund of $250 so now I am still short of $ 750 and I really want all my money back. There is no sign in the store stating a NO REFUND so I think this is unfair especially since I am returning the product because I am sensitive to it. It has nothing to do with I not liking the product..

Jan 4, 2016
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  • Sy
      30th of May, 2016
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    Greed Overtakes Common Sense: Pen Centre Store Takes Advantage of Man with Autism Last time it was a woman with Down Syndrome. This time it is a young man on the autism spectrum. Friday, the parents of 26 year old Tom found a package containing over $1100.00 worth of cosmetics in his room. Staff at “Adore” at the Pen Centre in St. Catharines, Ontario had convinced him he had bags under his eyes and sensitive skin and needed these products to address these issues. When his parents confronted the store, the manager stated that although Tom “didn’t seem quite right” since he ”wasn’t wearing a bracelet or didn’t have an assistant holding on to his arm” they had no choice but to treat him like any other customer. His parents were told they could exchange the products but Tom cannot get his money back. He had signed a piece of paper marked “Finel Sale”. Store staff had checked that Tom had a job (McDonald’s) and said he agreed to everything. Tom’s parents have worked hard to help him be as independent as possible. Tom is already part of a program through the Autism Society that is helping him with issues, (hence the job at Mcdonald’s) including differentiating between appropriate and inappropriate friends. Of course his parents’ biggest fear is that he will be taken advantage of but they also want him to be as independent as possible. Yes, they realize that it is a risk for him to have a credit card and will attempt to have the limit lowered, but even this is a partial safeguard. They found out after they got home that he was at the store again on Friday, where he proudly said, even though he had another 'treatment', he didn't buy the $700 worth of products they suggested. He thought they were his friends. Organizations such as the Community Living and the Autism Society have been fighting for our vulnerable citizens to be 'treated like everyone else', and this is sometimes the result. Stores are in the business of making money. None-the-less, how is it that even after being presented with the facts, this store owner was not willing to do the ethical thing, and make this right. Clearly, greed overcame common sense. This was not a $100 learning experience. They might as well have mugged him and taken his wallet."

  • Ly
      13th of Oct, 2016
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    I had the exact same experience at the store in Lahaina Hi. In addition, I had a very bad allergic reaction on the first day. I tried to call the sales women but she did not pick up or return my call. I went back to the store the next day and she said she could not stop the shipment that I had to talk to their manager in the US (Benjamin). I spoke with him, but he said there was nothing he could do either. They delayed everything so that the shipment left the warehouse and thus making a refund impossible. I refused the shipment but they are still holding my money hostage. People should RUN from these salespeople they are deceptive and they have no moral compass.

  • Vb
      13th of Oct, 2016
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    My mother had the same situation but it has gotten out of hands. She first purchased over 1700 dollars at the salem nh mall. Then when she went for her first free facial, she was almost forced to buy 2800 dollars worth of product! I told her that we were not going to keep buying stuff everytime she went to one of her free facials. So the sales guy gave her a buch of "presents" because he wanted her to love the experience and go back and buy her more stuff. But when she didnt returned the next day to purchase anything he kept calling her iver 59 times in one day, then he texted her threating her with the police. He said "you have two options my dear, one came and pay for the product that you have taken or two wait for the police to atrive at your house" offcourse no police ever showed up because my mother didnt steal anything. I made the complaint to the mall but now they have giving my number to the Adore corporation and they are rude and disrespectful. I wanted to returned the stuff that this sales guy had given my mom, but know I want to know if there is a way that I can file a bigger claim on them with someone else rather than the same people. I need an opinion please help me.😣

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