Adore Cosmetics / unethical behaviour

fremont street, adore cosmetics kiosk, United States

on 09/09/2015 my wife and i had walked by an ADORE COSMETICS
kiosk. The salesman came out and tried to coax her into a talk to buy cosmetics. I told them to leave her alone. she is 72 yrs. old and has
been diagnosed with a possible onset of senility.I noticed the salesmen were like a bunch of vultures and going after women in there late 60's on up. It semed some of the women were basically
trying to get away. My wife happened to walk by this kiosk on fremont
street again without me. This time they got her confused and talked her into buying over $1600.00 in cosmetics.She hasn't spent that much money on cosmetics in over 15 yrs. total.When we got back to
Houston, tx. i looked at my credit card charges on-line and noticed this charge. On 09/11/15 i called and they said the order has not been placed and they would call back.Well, that never happened.i have to pay this bill, but these people prey on the elderly.

Sep 23, 2015

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