[Resolved] Adore Cosmetics / beware... it's a scam!

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If you are reading this and have not purchased yet... Run run run... It is a scam!
I am writing this complaint today in hopes that it may help unsuspecting consumers. I encountered sales people for adore cosmetics on fremont street in las vegas. My friend had already been coaxed into their store so I went in to see her. They had a nice store front and appeared to be a legitimate business. They proceeded to tell us about the products. They said they were made in italy and were 100% organic & hypoallergenic. They said the exact same products are used at the high-end spa at the bellagio hotel. Two of the sales people (Lucas & anabel) told us they work at the bellagio spa doing facials and the bellagio charges over $500 for a facial with the exact same adore products. Lucas even went as far as to fake a phone call that he was going to the bellagio to do a facial (I didn't figure out it was fake until later).
Just like i've read in other reviews, at first the products appear to make a difference around the eyes but then it gets rough & flaky and turns the area red. Unfortunately, this all happens after we left the store with a big charge on our credit cards! We took a couple products with us and the rest were to be shipped. The sales people never informed us of the no return policy. They grabbed the credit card while we were sitting in chairs across the room still with product on our face & ran to the register and then whisk back the receipt for signature while they were distracting us with conversation.
The next day we returned and ask for a refund. The sales people's demeanor had totally changed at that point and they became rude & ugly. They tried to quiet us down because there were other customers in the store... Even turned the music up & started speaking in another language. The manager lucas juvanni said the products had already been shipped so he could not give a full refund... I later confirmed the products had not been shipped at that time... Another lie!. Lucas agreed to give us a partial refund and then gave us a slip of paper stating he would refund in 90 days less restocking fee if we weren't happy (He said restocking fee is 25%).
I contacted the bellagio and they said they do not use adore cosmetics as we had been told and neither lucas or anabel work at the bellagio doing facials. Based on the labeling & ingredients, they also lied about the product being made in italy and being organic.
I refused delivery of the products so they were never in my possession. I have repeatedly tried to contact the company by phone, letter, & emails with no success. Lucas gave me his cell phone so I have texted him many times. He replied a couple times stating he was checking on it and then the last time he said a "lady" from his office already offered me a refund less restocking of 25% and I didn't take it... Really... Do you think I would turned down any amount of refund!
Adore has all the unopened & unused products back and they have charged my credit card and they will not respond to my inquiries. It is theft!

I'm still trying to recover through my credit card and i'm filing complaints with bbb, federal trade, attorney general, las vegas tourism board, and any other associations I can think of. If anyone has other suggestions, please reply to the post.
To anyone reading this before you purchase... Please do not purchase these products... It is a scam!

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    After more than 3 months of inquiries, this company has finally issued refund. It's a shame it takes that much work to get a refund.

May 22, 2015
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  • Ca
      20th of Oct, 2015

    Total scam! I was shopping at the Cookstown Outlet Mall in Innisfil, Ontario Canada. The woman (named Cheryl or Sheryl) was in the mall, outside the store and approached me and put the peel product on my wrist. I asked her how much it was. She said very clearly $29.99. I said okay and when I went to the cash register, she rang in $169.99. I said "WHAT??? said $29.99. I'm not paying for this!...and then the sales tactic began. She told me she never said the price as if I was dense and didn't hear it. Honestly, if she had said $169.99 I would have laughed and walked away but because I clearly heard $29.99 I went to the cash register! She said, tell you what...I will throw in 2 free moisturizers and another peel because I am the promotion manager. I said let me think about it and I will get back to you. She told me she wouldn't be back in the store for 3 more weeks and told me this was something special she was doing just for me. I agreed which was stupid of me. Then she tried to sell me on 24k gold eye pads and 24k gold facial cream...$399 for the pads and $995 for the cream...but she would give me the cream, eye pads, and two more products for $599. I thought they were mad for charging that much and said no way. She was very persistent and would not take no for an answer (all sorts of compliments blah blah blah) but I finally said to her I am late and have to pick up my child and left. Later, my wrist where she put the product broke out in hives. I looked up the ingredients on the web and the product was full of allergens, skin irritants and toxins. Very misleading coming from a store with Organic on the sign. I took the product back to the store a couple of days later and wanted a refund as I was not going to use products that gave me hives. They were all not touched and still in their packaging. The promotion manager who told me she wouldn't be back for 3 more weeks was there..quelle surprise... and told me they did not give refunds. I said the products are still in their cellophane wrap untouched...nope, no refund. Unreal, because every other reputable cosmetic company will refund if you have not opened the product. She told me she would give me an exchange only...get this, the $995 cream for 50% off...when a few days ago she offered the exact same deal with 4 more products thrown I would have to fork out an extra $300 to get this "exchange". Unreal!!! I'm lucky, I'm only out of pocket for $169.99 plus tax and I threw the products in the garbage! I saw all the scam complaints on the internet and wrote to Mall Manager and gave her the links to all the complaint boards and told her to research this company as I think they were the same scam artists who were selling Orogold in the other mall in town. I do not adore Adore.

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  • Ni
      5th of Nov, 2015

    They are in shopping malls all over in different countries using different product names. When you don't stop to listen and take their sample they yell out to you. "Ma'am, ma'am!!! I do think they target older ladies especially. I believe they change names as the word gets out that it is a scam. It wouldn't be so bad if the product worked, but my experience is that my skin is worse.

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