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Adorama / AdoramaPix / poor service

1 42 West 18th StreetNew York, NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 888.216.6400

Based on the info provided on their website, and I quote: "Q: How long will it take to get my book? A: Photo book orders may take up to 7 lab production days to process. Remember to also allow for shipping time, which depends on the shipping method and distance from our NYC headquarters." I ordered 2x photo books on 11/23/2010. It was explained to me that at the latest my books would be sent out to me 12/3/2010. It's now 12/10/2010 and after speaking with an unusually unsympathetic and indifferent customer service representative (Kate) this morning I've lost all hope that I will receive my books in time as promised.
Four days ago (Monday, 6/12/2010) I called and was told that one of my two photo books (ordered at the same time, same order) was finished but the second was still being processed, I was told it wouldn't take more than a day or two at most for the second to be finalized and then shipped out to me. So, two days later (Wednesday, 12/8/2010) I called again when I noticed my order status was still indicated as "pending" and spoke to Veronica. Veronica sympathized and told me that it should definitely have been completed at that time, that she could not understand what the hold up was, and that she would personally go to the printers and have them move my order to the top of the queue, she also told me that she would have it sent to me via UPS overnight service at no charge to me. Furthermore, I explained to Veronica that I was trying to have these photo books done as a Christmas present to my folks in South Africa and that shipping usually takes around 2-3 weeks due to slow postal services in SA. She assured me that my books will be sent out immediately...
So, here we are today another two days later and same scenario - status still reads "pending" and todays call put me through to Kate, who informs me: "It's the holidays, just bear with us" and " that representative you spoke to is new and doesn't know how things work here" (is that my problem or yours Kate? At least she tried to put in an effort, which is more than I can say for you). Well Kate, maybe you should update your website and have it read: "Q: How long will it take to get my book? A: Photo book orders may take UP TO 7 lab production days to process [except that most of the time we're unable to fulfill our orders on time - we're not really equipped to handle large quantities of orders at any given time. So if you think your order might be placed during a time where we might be busier than normal bear with us and triple the turnaround time]."

I've been a customer at Adorama for quite a few years now but this has been my final purchase, recently I had another issue with a Nikon module on my Metz flash (purchased from Adorama's used department) where they sent me a defective unit and I had to shoot a wedding without the appropriate module on my flash.

When I order photo books or other photo products for clients as well as for personal use from Nation's Photo Lab or WHCC or even B&H (Kellards) they always process and arrive on time and the quality is consistently impressive. As a provider of these products in a competitive market, Adorama will need to pull up their socks to become truly competitive and learn to employ friendly, courteous staff who are interested in assisting clients and resolving issues. It also doesn't hurt to remember never to over promise if there's a chance you might not be able to deliver. Rather under promise and over deliver, you'd be surprised how much return business you'll generate. Be professional and remember who keeps the boat afloat... That would be your customers Kate, in case you forgot.
Lastly Kate, I'm not interested in how flawed or incapable the system is where you work. I just want my purchase - I want it how you promised and when you promised it, keep me out of your politics because I'm just not interested.

And the supervisor you transferred me to and I left a message for still hasn't contacted me back, even after I left a message on her voicemail and sent her an email ( AWESOME service!!!

Adorama / AdoramaPix

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      12th of Dec, 2010
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    Hi there Tony, I'm so sorry for this negative experience! This is definitely not up to our standards, and we want to make it right. Please email your order number to so that we can investigate what happened and correct it as soon as possible.
    Our books are a much more manual process than the books put out by WHCC or Nations. We do not produce press products, our books are made using photographic technology and assembled by hand. Our books and our service have been positively reviewed in Pop Photo, among other publications, and we would not have gotten such great reviews if this was the norm for our service. Also, there may have been a quality control issue with your order making it necessary to send it back for a redo before it could be shipped to you, and if this was the case, I apologize that the customer service agent did not inform you of this, but again, we need your order number to figure all this out.
    Also, please be assured that we will speak to everyone involved to make sure that this doesn't happen again. We look forward to hearing from you and to correcting this error.

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      12th of Dec, 2010
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    Thank you for contacting me, here is a copy of my complaint forwarded to BBB as well as to after numerous phone calls to Adorama, promises made to me that weren't kept and false information provided on the adoramapix website. To ensure they receive my gifts in time (as is customary with my family) I've had to purchase additional replacement Christmas gifts for my parents who reside in South Africa since I did not receive the originally intended gifts (two photo books from Adorama) in the maximum time indicated on your website. With shipping time to South Africa there is no way the photo books would reach them in time anymore.

    Internet order #760008_3o6g

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      13th of Dec, 2010
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    Hi this order will ship overnight today. We are very sorry for the disappointment.

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