Adidas Massage Sandal / shoe melted, shrunk, I was insulted when trying to return it per adidas return policy!

Las Vegas, NV, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 925-689-2662

Within one year of purchase, I washed my sandals by hand in a bucket and left them outside to dry. I have done this several times over the course of the time I owned these sandals. I returned to find that they had melted and shrunk. They looked like leprechaun slippers! Initially I purchased these shoes last summer at the Adidas outlet store in South Lake Tahoe. That is where we have a home. 6 months after my purchase, Adidas chose to close that store. So when I was on vacation last week I took the sandals to the Adidas outlet store in Las Vegas, NV. Per the internet return policy, I had my receipt in hand and it was within one year of purchase. The clerk approved of me getting another pair. I waited in a long line. The cashier then called her manager to approve the return. The store manager April said she had to call customer service to approve the return. I waited for even longer. Then she came back to tell me (insulting to me) that it looked like the shoes were put in a dryer and that they were beyond normal wear and tear and that I should know not to put plastic out to dry like that. She refused the return. I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT NIKE. You know, I run a Nike marathon every year (7) now and I wear Adidas. No more. Adidas has awful customer service, insulting people and shoddy products. They don't stand behind their products. And how insulting to me. It was a $20 shoe and Adidas lack of customer service and to stand behind their product makes me tell everyone not to buy Adidas.

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