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Adam Ginsberg / scam

1 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Review updated:

With Adam Ginsberg recently doing the rounds in Australia to promote his workshops later this year in Brisbane and Sydney - I went along to his free 90 minute speal in Melbourne promoted by Empowernet. I have not signed up for anything despite being hounded by Empowernet. I googled to try and find out what "real people" have to say about Adam. I've not really found much, I did see on here (Complaints Board) complaints about Speedlings but the entries are a few years old now. I know Adam ran a 3 day workshop in Melbourne in July 2012. Adam appears to be rather precious about his online feedback and seems to have a defensive answer for all the negativity that's been published about him. My gut instincts are telling me to stay away BUT I'd like to hear more recent feedback from others. I'd really like to learn a lot more about selling on eBay (have been selling for abt a yr now) beyond the basics but I don't know where or how to learn that's helpful, not a rip off and ethical. There is a lot of flack on here about Matt and Amanda BiddingBuzz on this site. Would like to hear how others have got on?

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  • Zi
      17th of Jan, 2013
    +524 Votes

    Stay away from Adam Ginsberg courses in Australia!!!A

    We are mid range ebay sellers, having success (we don't make a fortune...yet!) but we make a full time wage equivalent (both still working though for the time being) from it. Because we had made money from eBay we decided to invest into Adam's "Secrets of an Auction Millionaire" course after seeing him at the National Achievers Conference in Brisbane...what a mistake!!! It cost $3, 997 and with the course a few other things that try to make it appear more value. His book was the best part of everything but can be bought in the shops or online pretty cheap .First the Brisbane course was cancelled due to "Clashes in Adam's Schedule", when we asked for a refund they said "no we don't have to" and they said we would have to do the Sydney or Melbourne course. Due to work and family commitments (and the extra cost of flights and accommodation) we again asked for money back...within 24 hours they announced the Brisbane course was back on, so we were more than happy to go to the new one and of course stayed in. The evening before the course we get an email followed by a call that the flight was cancelled and the course was postponed...again meant to be postponed to a new frustrating as it was, the flight cancellation appeared to be legitimate on the LA flight schedules. However, no more communication and when we asked again they again said "you will need to attend the Sydney or Melbourne" course which were on that week...this is also on top of issues accessing the "extras" sold with the package.

    So after pretty much no response (a couple of pass the buck responses) and them refusing to refund us we applied through our bank / visa to claim the goods were not delivered. We submitted all the information and emails to them along with a detailed explanation of what had occurred. The initial judgment is back in our favour and the money is back on our card. If they try to counter the charges and claim they should be made then visa will escalate the investigation further.

    Would be very interested to see if any other people have had issues with Adam's 2012 "Secrets of an Auction Millionaire" course and what they did. If anyone is still fighting for their money back, I would suggest that you try what we did if you purchased on card. If you would like more information or are looking for more people to build your case then please just leave your email address, happy to make contact with anyone as we have all the evidence and information to prove they did not provide the service we paid for...or even close (no course at all!).

    I have no idea if they do this stuff all the time, if they are legitimate or not. For all I know, the course may have been great (I hope it was for those who were in the Sydney/Melbourne ones) but I do know that what we experienced from someone who is meant to be an ebay expert and teaches people about ebay (where customer feedback is soooo important) that we would not want to see anyone else be ripped off by him or to have to try and deal with the very very poor customer service.


  • Ke
      7th of Mar, 2013
    +636 Votes

    One thing I can say is that every person who has spoken about doing a Ginsberg course has been let down and he often cancels his workshops. Also I was told that he has been banned from eBay for life. SO I ask you... would you invest in someones course if they were so bad they have been banned from the same website they are saying they are an expert in?

    I doubt it...stay away bad news.

  • Lu
      21st of Mar, 2014
    +529 Votes

    Yes he's trouble cost me a lot of money. He even asked me if I had a secret credit card my hubby didn't know about ### of the earth karma that's all I can say

  • Tw
      12th of Sep, 2014
    +483 Votes

    Adam Ginsberg is the best salesman in the world! Great ideas, all sounds wonderful, until you pay. A friend and I joined the ebay and click to trade program in November 2013 - $25k! Extra $500 for template optimizer. The only thing that has actually been good is template optimizer - which makes your ebay listings pretty. The rest he hasn't delivered on. Barely any training. Does not turn up to scheduled webinars. Click to trade has never worked. Click to trade is now obsolete for anyone that it hasn't worked for. Has started a new program called IM & M. We actually flew from Australia to Las Vegas to go to the seminar on IM & M. It sounded great. Access supposed to be June 2014. Still nothing. Adam just doesn't show up for webinar training. Now he has launched a new product - tBace. Stay away from him please! Do not spend a cent with him. We're not saying all of his products are bad, but he doesn't deliver on his promises, training or half the programs. No refunds. No replies to emails. Just silence except for advertising the next thing! Oh we also bought the affiliate program for the 'Just Chew It' products for $3k. He can't even get the product into Australia. No refunds. He is an expert salesman. Will happily take all your money and not deliver. He makes us sick!

  • Ad
      2nd of Jan, 2015
    Best Best Advice +1744 Votes

    Adam Ginsberg is a crook who shouldn't be let out of the states to prey on the world.

  • Ad
      2nd of Jan, 2015
    +409 Votes

    I spent 3k on one of his courses in NZ a few years ago. What a waste of money. He marketed it towards property traders and had no idea on providing any value at all for those people. He's a crook and should be avoided at all costs. One saving grace is I talked two friends out if spending $6k each on going to one of his waste of money courses. Adam Ginsberg obviously doesn't believe in the fact that bad news travels faster than good news or the Karmic Law. He is due for a big fall from grace

  • Lo
      26th of Aug, 2015
    +557 Votes

    We spent thousands with this man in London in 2012. What a terrible waste of our money. Nothing worked. He took money from us we couldn't afford. We were sooo stupid. I wish I knew how I could get our money back from him.

  • Ph
      27th of Oct, 2015
    -271 Votes

    I had a different experience in 2012. He came to Adelaide with Empowernet and did his 90 minute infomercial. A few went to the back of he room to buy the course at $3997, but most resisted. at the end of the National achievers convention he returned to stage to make another offer. He offered his book for $29.99 to all who wanted it, told us the money raised was going to a charity that he and Richard Branson were assisting, and extended the offer to all buyers that they would receive a credit card sized SD card that snaps out of it and had some preliminary exercises to do before we all came back to do his initial $3997 course for the price of the book..i.e.$29.99. And that is what happened. Over 1000 people came to the event and it was absolutely brilliant. I learned heaps, applied some of what I learned to some ebay listings and had great results. It was the best value course I had ever done. He offered the SAM course there as well but with free access to a basic Auction Optimiser and a subscription to Template optimiser, as well as paying an additional $100 to sit in VIPI thought $129.99 to sit in the front row of the event with a computer in front of me doing the stuff on ebay I was learning for 3 days was the best bargain to a course like this I have ever had.
    I am just a bit annoyed now that the Hotsniper site is no longer up and running . Template optimizer and Auction optimizer are stiil up and running fine.

  • Sc
      11th of Dec, 2015
    -243 Votes

    I have to admit I'm a bit surprised by the comments above. I had a different experience attending one of Adam's seminars than some of the other people on this message board. During the seminar I attended he did a lot of teaching about eBay and Amazon. He showed us how to implement his software tools to save time. I was actually quite interested in the coaching services that he offered because I met one of the coaches at the seminar. The coaches are great and have definitely helped me utilize the software tools better than I could on my own. I've actually kept in contact with a few of the other attendees I met at the seminar and some of us are reporting some real profits. Just like anything else, you need to be willing to put in some time and effort to see results but it's definitely possible.

  • Tu
      11th of Dec, 2015
    -277 Votes

    I recently attended a workshop with Adam and I was very impressed. I have been in business for a few years and I have done well. I wish I would have had Adam in my corner when I got started! Adam opened my eyes to Amazon and selling through FBA and I have increased my business by 30% as it compares to last year about this same time. I attribute that to the lessons I learned from Adam. I feel that these comments are unfair. I have implemented everything he has taught and after getting past some minor frustrations I can only be grateful for the impact Adam has had on my business.

  • Yo
      12th of Dec, 2015
    -250 Votes

    I feel like those who have left negative comments are not seeing the big picture with what Adam teaches. I had the opportunity of attending one of his seminars not too long ago and learned quite a bit about the eCommerce world. What you have to understand is this is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a business that requires work. And YES you are going to run into a few roadblocks, but you need to problem solve and learn how to make this work. Adam is someone who has done exactly that. People give up way to easy and then blame it on others when they don't succeed. Do what Adam teaches and you will be successful!

  • Ev
      12th of Dec, 2015
    -257 Votes

    It's crazy to see people comment with bad and/or negative experiences with Adam Ginsberg and what he offers because I've had nothing but positive experiences. I've been selling on eBay for over 16 years now (on and off) and have been getting real serious about it for over a year now. I realized a lot of things had changed and sought out people who knew what they were doing and doing it well that I could model after. That's when I found Adam through a Get Motivated conference and recently attended one of his workshops in Portland.

    I've been using his template optimizer supreme with all of my eBay listings since and have seen a huge increase in my sales! I wish I had a tool like this when I first started because it makes it so easy and makes my listings look like a rock star. His research software and spy rivals are pretty awesome too and simplifies the research process significantly! When I've needed support from his team, I have also received prompt responses that has answered my questions and have helped me along the way. Thanks Adam! (Financial freedom here I come!)

  • Cn
      15th of Dec, 2015
    -267 Votes

    I recently attended a workshop, and was pleasantly suprised at the level of help, and genuine teaching and training. one of his coaches were there, and answered lots of questions, and the training has been amazing so far. I recommend working with Adam and his team.

  • It
      15th of Dec, 2015
    -284 Votes

    I'm VERY glad that the last few comments have been more positive.

    Reason being, is that I owe my recent success SOLELY on Adam Ginsberg.

    I'll definitely be attending more seminars. I'm just excited to be a protege! Can't wait to network and list in California.

  • Pe
      26th of Feb, 2016
    -240 Votes

    To those expect to get rich quick without putting in the work, welcome to reality! All businesses require incredible amount of persistence and focus to make it work. Stop complaining and actually do the work what Adam and his team have genuinely shared. Little faith and some positive attitude go a long way. Good Luck entrepreneurs

  • Mi
      15th of May, 2016
    -331 Votes

    I found Adam to be a straight shooter and his staff to be extremely helpful. Even the people behind the table provided help when asked. I have not purchased any products to date however, I plan on taking this opportunity very seriously. As an International Author and eBay Powerseller, I was quite impressed with the level and depth of Adam's workshop. I see some purchased products and had negative experiences in Australia however, here in Canada, I am seeing just the opposite. Time will tell and I look forward to reporting nothing but success with Adam Ginsberg and his amazing staff.

  • Ho
      1st of Jun, 2016
    +307 Votes

    I'm a techo, very comfortable with the web and selling online and with eBay. I understood and was pulled in by what Ginsberg was saying, and was actually at one of his seminars when he bought Speedlings (then Parklings) and offered a not-to-be-missed offer to get in on the ground floor. Needless to say I signed up for the lot, over $18, 000.
    I can assure you I tried very hard and put in many, many hours trying to get it to make me money. To his credit, Adam also put in support structures to help us including mentoring calls from the US. But we never even broke even on our investment. Some of what Ginsberg offered was useful (like his EBay templates) but the bulk of it (like Speedlings) is based on the very shaky premise of making money through Internet advertising. It's shaky because it's unethical and Google don't condone Ginberg's model and are continually working to shut it down. Make one mistake or don't stay ahead of Google and they will shut you down. Ginsbergs model is not sustainable and can only work if you stay in the shadows.
    Plus they lie. With me it got to the stage where they palmed me off for months and then refused to even answer my emails. I eventually ran out of energy and gave up in total disgust.
    Needless to say I don't recommend that anyone do any business with Ginsberg beyond buying his book and maybe Template Optimizer. The rest of it is too difficult to make work and borders on illegal.

  • Jp
      6th of Jun, 2016
    +280 Votes

    So we went through the Toronto weekend seminar (Jun 3-5, 2016) and as usual there were a bunch of people that went ahead and bought their higher education packages and I wish them all the luck in becoming Millionaires for 2016 as depicted by Mr. Adam Ginsberg.

    Overall, there were around 240 people attending the seminar (paid US$59). Then there were around 140 people upgraded to the VIP package (paid additional CAD$130 cash) - had free dinner, free cell phone lens, template optimizer premium version. At around noon, there were 3 that signed up for the apprentice level at USD$27, 495.

    I believe Canadians are typically more conservative and Adam did make a comment that he seems to be getting less sign up at the same time Sunday comparing to the same timing in US cities. As Canadians we know that we are typically more conservatives and slower in making decisions and it could be a great thing when it comes to these high pressure seminars (not just Adams, but the Real Estates, Richdad, Stores Online, Stock trade etc. etc.). Out of most of the people I talked to, they have purchased the VIP package for additional CAD$130 but not go forward with the higher price products (starting from USD$2499 to $27, 000).

    Overall, the 3 days Seminar is:
    - 20% Motivation / Get Rich / I am Rich you trust me
    - 60% Why you should buy my software, what problems software over come
    - 20% Real content and can be used info, some can be incorrect or out-dated.

    (1) eBay Template Optimizer Normal - free included with admission
    (2) eBay Template Optmizer Premium / Site Builder Automizer - free with VIP
    (3) Razon - comparing all online eCommerce site to find the cheapest products to buy
    (3) Spy Rival - basically data mine Amazon to find out the sales ranking of a specific product and determine volume
    (These products varies from the list that many earlier people listed)

    Below are the pricing information for future readers as there are workshops scheduled all over the summer ...

    Interesting Timbit:
    Adam actually told a real life example of how he leverages his 50 weeks of travel per year. When he checks into expensive hotels that uses nice shampoo products (ex: Aveda), he would ask the hotel for more shampoo so he can sell them on Amazon & eBay. He said he and his wife managed to get 60 sets of such products (Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, etc) during a one week visit. I find that it is unethical for such a ~millionaire to do such a thing. He also once did joke about taking 2 towels per visit would earn more than the gentleman who wanted to import $0.05 towel from China at volume lots ... there might be some truth to it. Behaviours and thinkings like these hardly resembles anybody that makes millions but one that are living below their means.

    You make your own decisions on whether you trust this guy - I simply present information & share experience. I would say out of the 20% real content, we did learn something - but as Adam will tell you again, time is the most valuable currency you have - is it a good way to use your weekend? ;)

  • Ka
      13th of Jun, 2016
    +752 Votes

    This guy is so shady that I truly believe a lot of the positive comments on here were paid for by him. When I bought into his speedlings, many years ago, he had a ton of clauses in his agreement that were not made very clear. I remember there being a lot of loopholes that seemed to work in his favor. I spent thousands of dollars and didn't make a penny, and I put the work in believing that I was going to be rich like he promised. He pulls in people with his promise of getting rich and then takes your money and gets rich himself. I wish this guy would grab some ethics and stop doing this to people!

  • Ja
      4th of Sep, 2016
    +292 Votes

    I am sitting in one of his 3 day seminars right now. I think I'm about to leave. It's Sunday and so far this morning and most of yesterday it's a sales pitch for his programs that range up to $35000. No content. I think the previous commenter statement that it was 20% content was overly generous. I came today because we are supposed to get a macro lens and he was supposed to cover shipping today . But so far nothing but selling his programs. And I'm starting to feel like my time is more valuable than that lens. Plus now he's sending each person out one at a time to meet with one of his proto gees I suspect for a hard sell.

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