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In reviewing my credit card statement I found a charge for $79.95 from active network. Since I had no idea what this was for I immediately called my credit card company. They informed this was a reoccurring yearly charge and that this was actually the third year I was charged by this company. I went to their website and on the front page found a link for people that did not know why they were charged $79.95. When I went to the link I found out I was unknowingly paying for some type of coupon service for "active people." I never knew I had the service and never used it. I guess I was lucky I found it on year 3 and not year 10. I contacted active network and was told I could only be refunded $79.95 for the last year because "that was their policy, " even though in total they had charged my over $200. I was told I was signed up for this service somehow when I reserved a campsite online. Again I have never gotten any services from this company nor did I know I had it. When I looked online I see that I am not alone and that many other people have had this happen to them without them knowing. I have to say I am blown away that this type of fraud is legal and feel especially bad for people that are living paycheck to paycheck and can't afford it. In 2013 there was a class action lawsuit for the same thing against this company. I think there needs to be another one. I will also be writing the CEO but I will have to do more research to find other ways to resolve the situation.

  • Updated by Laura Maria Rhodes, Jun 04, 2018

    I would like to see this company change their unethical practices of charging people for a reoccurring charge without the customer being clear that it is happening.

Jun 04, 2018
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      Dec 23, 2018

    They just charged my credit card $79.95. Funny how they are open Monday through Friday, and this charge appeared on my credit card late Saturday afternoon. Monday is Christmas Eve, so I wonder if these crooks will even be open to reverse the charge while it is still pending on my credit card. By the time they open, the charge will have gone through.

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